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    Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to let you know that the vorpX 0.9 release has to be pushed back a little until mid October. We’re almost there (plus a little surprise for OpenGL fans), but there are a few issues left that should be addressed to call this version ready for release.

    I’m aware that you all want to use vorpX with the latest Oculus runtime as soon as possible, but since vorpX still functions well with 0.5/0.6, providing a solid version seems more important than being as fast as possible this time.

    Thank you all for your support and patience.


    Awww but 0.6 runtime is so buggy
    it crashes each time I log in with remote desktop :-(


    That OpenGL tease. Haven’t been playing with my Rift much lately, waiting for 0.9 to dive back in. Looking forward to it!


    if we have to wait to play OpenGL games, I will wait.
    I hope we can play SOMA and PREY.

    Too bad that in the meantime there is no new profiles 0.5 or 0.6 games


    Great. Will it run with old games like Silent Hill III or IV? That would be fantastic…


    Just like with DX9-11 vorpX will try to hook into any OpenGL game. So if these games use OpenGL, they may run.

    Just be aware that the OpenGL support is a personal side project so to speak. There is no 3D yet, and whether that will happen or not depends entirely on how many resources can be spared. At least you will be able to play most OpenGL games in 2D or Virtual Cinema Mode.

    If someone still likes strategy games: Homeworld Remastered is freaking awesome on the large screen. Also the old Raven Software Star Trek Voyager and Jedi Knight games are quite nice.


    Any type of openGL support would be cool. Would love to play some Wolfenstein in my Rift! If you could get 3D down the road that would be the cherry on top of the VR Nazi-killtoberfest. Anyway keep up the good work looking forward to seeing what you have cooked up this time around.


    Thanks for the update on 0.9. Now I don’t have to update vorpx page three times a day (I’ll just do it twice now) ;)


    OMG at least have a freaking beta program or something I don’t care about the bugs my rift has been sitting still for 2 months now and I bought a 980 ti 2 months ago and have STILL not even used it with oculus yet!!!


    Hi Ralf, Thank you for the little news update. I’d rather have a stable version than a rushed half-baked one. Just ignore the hate comments like the one above me.

    You could either rollback to an older Oculus Rift driver or enjoy the Demos instead for now. No reason to have your Rift waiting and blame Vorpx for wanting to have a stable version.


    OMG.. just swap around some runtimes, in the time it took to wet your panties you could of been finished rolling back and ready to play with your new stuff. ERMA_GURD

    P.S. for Ralph: If you could get 3D openGL support I would buy another license just because. With openGL, we could play the 2 new Wolfenstein games, SOMA, the Amnesia series games probably a lot of others but those would be worth the price of admission alone.


    Deserves much effort to get the 3d, I prefer to wait and get 3d.
    There are great games open gl certainly would enjoy …
    Rage,Wolfenstein the new order,Wolfenstein the old blood,Soma,Amnesia titles,old titles Star Wars,doom 3 bfg,and many more.


    <p abp=”237″>OMG at least have a freaking beta program or something I don’t care about the bugs my rift has been sitting still for 2 months now and I bought a 980 ti 2 months ago and have STILL not even used it with oculus yet!!!

    Current VorpX is allready a “beta” program hence the sub 1.0 driver versions, or do you want a beta of a beta? If he would release a buggy mess that crashed all the time, people just bitch about broken driver and demand a refund or something.

    People just buy the devkit rifts and expect all things running smooth all the time.


    Thanks for information about delay can i ask to add GSC.exe on the same profile as rFactor.exe (it was based on the same motor and i can’t rename GSC to rfactor cause steam won’t start the game)
    But i know it’s the same profile because before GSC come to steam renaming GSC to rFacotr.exe is working flawless.

    Best regards


    Playing some OpenGL games would be awesome, I do personally however only play games that work in 3d mode, so getting this to work would be such a benefit to Vorpx.

    Look forward to the Updates.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 80 total)
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