vorpX Sneak Peek


Time for the first sneak peek. Beta versions of vorpX were used by two of Germanys largest IT publications in their current Oculus Rift reviews. They didn’t complain. ;) One of those articles was published in the renowned print magazine c’t, excerpt (without the vorpX part though) here:

http://www.heise.de/ct/artikel/Endlich-mittendrin-1843019.html  .

The other one is fully available online at the equally renowned IT-site Golem.de:


Stay tuned for more in the not too distant future! (still no fixed release date set yet though, sorry.)

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20 comments on “vorpX Sneak Peek”

  1. jwsimmons

    The pile of money on my desk I need to send you is getting in the way of working. When can we buy any version (alpha or otherwise) and how much? Slap an iron clad NDA on that thing, put a price on it and send us a link! We won’t say a word, promise! :)

    • Ralf

      Because it looks nice. You can’t see it in the Rift.

  2. ammon

    You really should release this, even in its current form. This way you will instantly gain many followers who are currently looking at other drivers in developement. I’m going to pay for the first driver that comes out that does what I need it to do, even if I buy it in beta for. I’d like it to be yours!

  3. HappyHimitsu

    I 3rd the motion for an Alpha release. The longer you wait, the longer your competitors have to get the edge. Build the loyal fanbase early on, and they will sing praises of your coming, carrying you along as you move forth into deeper waters.
    Can’t wait!!! :)O

  4. SignorGuersa

    The Oculus Rift needs games made from the ground up for it. Not this driver stuff. Not interesting.

  5. eqzitara

    Depends on the game also why would you come on to a driver developer site and say that?

  6. jwsimmons


    Safe to assume you do not have a rift then, otherwise you would know how wrong you are. Even using the very limited other driver option out there right now there are quite a few games that work VERY well with the rift. It doesn’t require content built from the ground up, as it works very nicely with most games that do 3D. The main issue with non Rift specific games can be menus / FOV / method of control. These are being sorted quite rapidly by both modders and the game devs.

    Get a rift, actually use it, try a few games then come tell the rest of us already playing how “not interesting” this is.

    Now go troll along lol :)

  7. Ray Rodriguez III

    I too would like to see an Alpha or Beta release available for purchase. I can imagine some reasons for you to want to wait, but it seems like an Alpha release would be beneficial for you. In theory everyone who would be able to use your software at this point is already using an early prototype device and software not yet ready for public consumption =)

  8. John

    Hi Ralf,

    which Order No. do you have? I just try to calculate the time until we get a demo of your software for download? ;)


  9. velurian

    Still no release I see…
    A shame, if you look at all the life going in the perception forums (another driver) then people are really getting into it. If you postpone you launch much longer they will actually have a competing list of supported games already. New stuff is popping up all the time.

  10. Leo

    I’ve been checking this site every morning I wake up and every night before I go to sleep. Just hoping to see a download link :(

  11. Michael

    Me too! I´m sooo excited!!! Please give us just a small update :-) Thanks for your work!!!!

  12. WookieeFart

    Please, release this for us to help beta test. My Rift has shipped… many others will be getting theirs soon.


  13. Jon

    When will this be released? Do you at least have an ETA now? I’m assuming you have received your Rift?

  14. Jon

    If nothing has happened since April 27 that’s fine. But sharing that would at least let us know not to expect anything soon. Because all the Rifts will have shipped by today.

  15. Jon

    I am trying to sign up for an account for the forum, but I am not receiving the email to either of two email accounts.

  16. David Clarke

    I have money just waiting to be given to you! I’ll be buying this before my ORDK even arrives.

    Would love to see another blog post update!

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