Release Timeframe

As promised a short update regarding the release date: it’s a matter of weeks now. Expect the first public beta before the end of September.

This version will be released as a paid beta for an introductory price of 40$ (US) / 35€ (rest of the world). A time restricted free demo will be made available shortly after the initial release.

Much work has been done in the last the few weeks, mostly based on feedback from the closed beta test. Expect a few new features and support for even more games. Especially the geometry mode received quite some attention in this regard, and works nicely with almost as many games as the Z-Buffer mode now.

Stay tuned. The wait will soon be over. And thanks for your patience!

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62 comments on “Release Timeframe”

  1. Wigge

    This is great news indeed. Looking forward to try it out :)

    Keep up the good work!

    // Wigge

  2. museumsteve

    I’m hoping this will be the first option to let me play pCARS :)

  3. Luis

    So, if we pay for the public Beta, will it get upgraded into a full license once it gets launched out of beta?

    • Ralf

      Yes, that’s how it works. You don’t have to pay twice.

  4. Steve


    Thank you for the update on this. I think we all have been eager to hear of the progress as the end of August has approached to a close. I’m patiently waiting to see this with my money in hand ready to jump at the first chance I can sign up for the Beta. Great progress and I can’t wait to finally get my hands on a true Oculus Rift designed driver software package.

    Thanks again,

  5. Techutante

    I shelved my Rift until this is released. I need your love desperately, er, I mean your 3D display driver set!

  6. Speedster288

    Decided to check VorpX on a whim to see if there was an update, really glad I did! Can’t wait!

  7. tek911

    So amped. thanks for the update. been waiting for a general release timeframe. looking forward to the open beta!

  8. marbleshark

    Fucking total rip-off… sorry but everyone else is giving away their stuff for free you greedy fuck!

    • Ralf

      Everyone else includes you, I guess? So, what exactly are you giving away for free that is worth a year of hard work?

    • IllLouMalnatis

      When tek911 says “Everyone”, I think it’s safe to assume that he was not referring to everyone on the planet, but rather everyone that released a driver (hack) for the stereoscopic (VR) community other than Tridef and Nvidia.

      You want us to pay for a hack that is in Beta phase that we’ve never even seen yet?

      Road to VR? Road to the bank sounds more like what’s going on here.

    • tek911

      Hey ralf, i never said everyone else. That was marbleshark… just saying. leave the good tek911 name out of the flame war. He’ll release when he’s ready, til then we all wait.

    • tek911

      was actually referring to illloumalnatis. sorry ralf, late night. ;)

  9. Abdul AL-Kadiri

    Ralf your a good man and you deserve the best for what you did…but please make it come out soon because I can’t wait really just to put my hands or head on it and I have been waiting for ages lol :(

    Thanks for the awesome work and keep it up

  10. IllLouMalnatis

    Why do we have to pay for a beta?

    I don’t get it. Please explain.


  11. IllLouMalnatis

    btw, if it wasn’t for a bunch of impatient cowadoody fans begging to throw money at a driver we haven’t even seen yet, we wouldn’t be paying to “test” the driver.

    My suspicion is that the driver will suck and this man knows he can get a bunch of money up front before the reviews come out.

    What is the argument that supports the contrary?

    Good game, sir.

    I will not pay you to do beta work for you.

  12. IllLouMalnatis

    Even if I’m not right, I hope that people will at least exercise a bit of reason here before pre-ordering a hack developed by one man.

    That’s the best I can do to help the community.

  13. IllLouMalnatis

    Actually, I’ll take reason a bit further here if I may:

    I happen to think that if people end up paying for a hack that delivers a poor ‘VR’ experience, it will undoubtedly hurt the road to vr. There is nothing helpful to the community going on here. If you were truly dedicated to helping the cause, this would be a free, open source hack. A poor (pay-to-play) experience will only discourage people from paying for REAL VR (Native support) from the developers of the apps themselves. If this consumer dynamic is true, then pay-to-play hacks will necessarily be a hurdle for the larger gaming industry to implement native support. Even if a small hurdle, a hurdle nonetheless.

    From everything that I’ve read and experienced, Palmer Luckey is dedicated to delivering the best possible VR experience via his hardware, development kits and vision of the extrapolated future of 8k resolution screens and processing power. He wants to put us in the game. You simply want to use his vision (with a 720p dev kit, mind you) to make a buck.

    Though, I hope you can prove me wrong.

    • Ralf

      And the consequence of your reasoning is that vorpX should be free, and then it’s OK, or what? Just a week ago, you said this on the forum:

      ” … I appreciate the information, and more importantly, your hard work. Looking forward to the BETA! … ”

      There were many hundreds hours of work invested into this project. Once you do something even remotely similar and give it away for free afterwards, let’s talk again. Until then please excuse that I have a bit of trouble taking your reasoning very seriously. Sorry.

      If you are unsure whether you want to buy, please wait for the free demo that will be released a few weeks after the first beta release. There are also quite a few videos out there already showing vorpX in action, and there will be more. So, noone is forced to buy anything here without knowing what he buys.

  14. Jason


    Ignore these lobotomy victims. Nobody is forcing them to pay for anything. Why are they even here? My guess is paid by competing devs.

    Who would take the time to complain about something that is a product you can choose to purchase?

    I would pay just for something that allows me to experiment with the new tech…I don’t care if it is fully idiot proof. You have never represented it as such. IF they weren’t lazy they would do the work themselves instead of being grateful that someone has done the leg work and put it out there as an OPTION to pick up if they want.

  15. Chris

    Well, at least there’s some good news, more specifically that there will be a demo, because I’m not spending 40/35$ on something I’m not sure works properly. At least not after trying Vireio, it made me lose hope for third-party solutions for this. Some games wouldn’t even work, while those who did work were just horrible to use.

    But here’s hoping this will be different, and depending on the demo this might be worth paying for.

    Keep it up and good luck.

  16. IllLouMalnatis


    Go F yourself.


    – Jason

    Sorry Jason. Please forgive me for expressing my opinion. I completely forgot about the fascist oath I made when I bought a dev kit.

    “There were many hundreds hours of work invested into this project.”

    – Ralf

    I understand. Though, when you discovered your dx11 wrapper, or how to warp the signal (or whatever it might be), maybe if you released the code to the community, we could have helped you make it better, faster.

    But, hey, like you said. We’re not forced to buy anything. That’s cool. I need to make money. You need to make money. No problem there. At the same time, I don’t think I should be forced to withhold my opinion. A bit of criticism shouldn’t hurt the hack. In my experience, criticism only helps things like this. Fanaticism doesn’t help anyone.

    Good luck, Ralf.


  17. IllLouMalnatis

    “Who would take the time to complain about something that is a product you can choose to purchase?”

    – Jason

    Someone that wants to make the product better.

  18. tacos

    Yes, I think every company should release their product for free so I can “make it better”. That’s a great business model. I’m sure you work for free, so the developers of VorpX should as well, right?

  19. John

    IllLouMalnatis – clearly someone hasn’t done a ton of research before commenting. Go to YouTube and type in VorpX and there are plenty of videos showing it working, as well as reviews praising it. I’m all for the open-source movement, believe me, but good intentions and open source code don’t pay the rent or put food in your stomach. Just be glad he decided to release it at all. He didn’t have to. He has an oculus, and he could have just sat back and played by himself. He decided to take it a step further and deliver not a free hack but rather a (at minimum more) complete product. And, until you have it in your hands, how can you comment on quality? You can’t call it a “poor pay-to-play” experience without first using it, and as of thus, all evidence points toward you being incorrect in your assumption. In summation, to quote the man himself, “Go F yourself.”

    Ralf- I am really looking forward to getting my hands on your project. I will definitely be ordering it as soon as it is out. I, unlike some others, really appreciate that you took the time to develop this (which, from looking into it myself, doesn’t look at all easy). It is significantly better than waiting and hoping my favorite games will get an update.


  20. Nads

    Hi Ralph,

    Do you have any updates on its release! We are getting towards the end of september now :D Really want to try this out with many games!

    One question that i have though, will the following games be supported on beta release or anytime thereafter:

    Amnesia 1 and 2 (machine of the pigs)


  21. Natalie

    Hey just wanted to say thanks for developing this and giving us the opportunity to buy it and play all of our favorite games in a good rift experience. So far it has been my experience that if an experience is not up to a certain standard of quality it is not just bad it is nauseating. So thank you, I have watched many videos and it looks like your driver might be the least queezy of the lot:p


  22. IllLouMalnatis

    This whole thing reminds me a bit of Skagway.

    I imagine there wasn’t much tolerance of free speech their either.

    What’s wrong expressing my concerns? How will that hurt the product?

    In any case, I’m done defending my rights here. This is clearly a cult.

    You pushed the heretic out.

    Enjoy the product.

  23. Krylon

    I ordered the VR Gear IPD Adjuster since I have a small IPD, and that’s expected to ship by October 1st. Hopefully the demo is available around then and I’ll finally get a solid Rift experience.

    Still deciding whether I’ll only purchase this (if I have a good experience) or if I’ll get both this and Tridef to have all my bases covered.

    Also to comment on certain matters regarding legitimacy and value… I’ve backed Kickstarters that have failed and basically taken my money. Similarly, I’ve purchased Early Access games on Steam, and it might be years til those games are finished. If you feel compelled to support the cause then you’ll buy it early to get the beta early. There’s no guarantee of quality. On top of that, anyone is entitled to sell their hard work as long as it isn’t infringing on anyone else’s rights. Apple strictly enforces iOS onto their single hardware (per generation) iPhone devices. Yet, millions of people buy their products. Google on the other hand throws Android out there, and there’s tons of phones that support it, and there’s tons of different ROMs designed around it. Now that Cyanogen is a company, who knows, they may have a paid version of their ROM down the line if they get the license to do so. It’s really up to them, just like how it’s up to Ralf to choose what to do with his code.

  24. Asahibeer

    IllLouMalnatis > oh come on don’t bring your free speech crap when all you have done is more of a hate speech towards Ralph and the project. As for criticism to “make the product better ” how can you even criticise it ? it’s not even released , you never tryed it … do you know what Hypocrite means ? stop hiding behind false honorable pretenses , you are just acting like a douche .

    The dude worked hard on it , he deserves support , same way you buy a game first day or preorder , there always a risk that it’s not good but i don’t see you asking EA ,UBI or other company to make their games free because of that …

    seriously some ppl should be removed their “free speech ” when all they do is talking crap .

    I for one look forward this driver , but will wait the first reviews on it or demo before buying it. As mentionned by someone else before i was not super thrilled with what i’ve been testing so far concerning 3rd party drivers .
    This plus we should keep in mind that not all games will work fine either, depending on how those were build , lots of issues of scale , distances etc… that vorpx driver cannot change .

  25. Chris

    Asahibeer > No one should ever have their freedom of speech removed, no matter what they say.

  26. Brendon

    am eagerly awaiting this driver :) although I am interested on how you are going to secure it form leechers… hopefully you can come up with something decent else all your hard work will be for nothing anyways.

    generating the key off hardware would be your best bet and have it compare with server everytime its loaded, although it requires an internet connection this shouldn’t be an issue in this day in age.

    • Nads

      Was hoping to hear some more news (or even see the release) atleast this week as it comes to the end of september. But still nothing yet…

      Brendon, please do not go about giving silly ideas. Always having an internet connection is the last thing we need! It would be a huge letdown having such a feature and would turn most people away.

      Aswell as my windows desktop i also use my Oculus on my laptop which i take around to peoples houses where i do not sometimes have a net connection available.

  27. Asahibeer

    Chris > guess u missed the sarcasm here … :D


    “Stay tuned. The wait will soon be over. And thanks for your patience!”

    ..but we have no patience, we bought a VR headset 2 years before most people ever heard of VR. :-)

  29. museumsteve

    I’m curious if vorpX will be tied to one PC. I use Oculus on 3 PC’s, my main games PC for proper gaming, a games table I built for the front room and my laptop for messing around with stuff :s

    • Ralf

      Hi Steve,

      Clear and honest answer: Yes, licenses are bound to one PC. The only viable alternative would have been an always-online licensing system, which obvioulsly would have been far better in cases like yours. This was dismissed because of its disadvantages (including many people hating it wholeheartedly) though.

    • museumsteve

      That’s cool. I’d prefer not to have always-online.

  30. Zully

    We’re getting veeeeery close to the “end of September” now.

    No pressure ;)

  31. Zully

    September is coming to an end…

    Is it the end for vorpX too?

    • Ralf

      The only case I can think of where end of September might be the end of vorpX would be if the world as a whole comes to an end at this time. Let’s all hope that doesn’t happen. ;)

  32. Shane-o

    Ralf made us wait till the second last day of August for the announcement of this Beta, so I’m pretty sure he’ll make us wait till the very last day or so of September for access

  33. Oculuserous

    Blarg, I want this so bad, I am seriously checking this blog every 2 seconds for an update, WHY DO YOU MAKE US WAIT! TAKE MY EFFING MONEY ALREADY!

    But seriously, I’m really stoked for this, Good job. But why do we have to wait, We know this isnt the final version, whats the issue with releasing as is and adding updates as needed? WE just want to get you paid Ralf!



    We are getting close now. Tomorrow is the last day of September!!!!!! :-)

  35. Lol Waiting

    You all should know better… Much like any product like this it is NEVER released on time. As much as i want this i got a feeling it’ll be at least another 3-4 days before any beta news/release is made. Theres always a last minute problem,final tweak,adjustment. or something that will hinder progress. Though it seems as if it’d be worth waiting for. Dont get me wrong, im not saying this isn’t worth the wait. But think about it.

    Much like iphone jailbreaks or any or beta software we’ll have to wait and be patient. Though i must agree i was hoping it’d be released today. Seeing as how this is the last Day of September.

  36. Lol Waiting

    I saw someone that said it was too in the forums but im not seeing anything about a link or payment acceptance. Any idea on where that might be?

  37. Brad

    Check they seem to be in charge of distribution of Vorpx. Though after you buy it you then have to email vorpx to get your key (says could take up to 48 hours).

  38. Juan

    Can any body tell me that it is a official link??… i dont want to give my credit card number to a fake link. TKS

    Sorry, my english is bad :)

  39. Xelimos

    Still waiting on mine, since yesterday evening ._.

  40. Xelimos

    Hey Ralf, it’s been 1 and a half days now and i still havent gotten my Code for my VorpX beta

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