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    Is it possible to set up vorpx to a 360 degree view?
    Yes, it’s emulate mouse look, but i wanna just look left\right WITHOUT touching mouselook by VR headset.
    Is it possible or not?


    Headtracking support is a basic feature of vorpx, it sounds a bit like your playing a game in Full VR mode that profile isnt designed for this mode or your headset doesnt work right.

    To see if one of the above is the case, switch over to Cinema Mode and move your head. If you cant move freely in front of the screen look at the headtracking page and make sure headtracking is enabled and sensitivity is somewhere above 10 or 20. If you cant move your head something should be wrong with your headset.

    Note : Your headset must support headtracking otherwise the above will not help.

    Enter the vorpx menu with “del”.


    RJK’s post was probably meant for the other thread regarding head tracking.

    Short answer: No.

    360 degree in game? No I don’t think so. Some 360 video content perhaps, but not likely for games. Main problem being you can’t really reach near that high FOV in games, normally 120 is pushing it.

    vorpX doesn’t render games in a 360 sphere like you imagine 360 videos.

    The closest thing to what you want, would be to use the cinema mode at full zoom with an ultrawide resolution. The wider the resolution, the more degrees you will have extending on each side for you to turn your head to see. This wont continue to wrap clear around your head, and wont always be distortion-free, but I like to play most games this way with a Pimax8k.

    For some games I use 21:9 custom resolutions (2560×1080, 3440×1440). Theoretically you can make any resolutions as wide as you want, as long as your monitor can support it, and the game supports it.

    -create an ultra wide resolution in your graphics driver
    -select that resolution in game
    -set cinema to Ambient/None background in vorpX delete menu
    -zooming all the way in to -1.00
    -set curvature with vertical on, all the way to max 3.00

    Now the tricky part is finding the right FOV values to use in the game so everything doesn’t feel so stretched out.

    I probably shouldn’t recommend you do any of this if you aren’t yet familiar with vorpX, but just wanted to answer your question best that I could.


    I am pretty much sure the guy wasnt asking about FOV. A 360 degree FIELD OF VIEW would not make sense at all and confuse the eye completely.

    i wanna just look left\right WITHOUT touching mouselook by VR headset.

    can you tell us exactly what you meant by that ?


    dellrifter22 was right about “i want a sphere around me”. Sorry for my english.
    I just want turn my head without touching game control, but looking around.
    I hope you are understand me.


    My bad, I thought he meant that he wants to look around the screen without it moving the in game camera (which is controlled by mouselook), in which case the cinema mode is best, as RJK said. Sadly it can’t be in a 360 sphere as described.

    If he means he wants to control the mouselook game camera with his head – without using his hands, then using fullVR mode with headtracking to look all around is best.

    FullVR doesn’t mean the screen is all around you, it means the screen is big enough to fill the view in front of you, and follows in front of your face in every direction you look.

    So the answer to the question of a 360 screen is no, but you can try both fullVR and cinema modes to see which works best for you.


    I just want turn my head without touching game control, but looking around.

    If you want to turn your head in the game, you need headtracking like i discribed above. Delrifter probably understood you was asking for the size of the field that yor are straight looking at.

    Please someone correct me if ia am totally wrong. Thats how i understood you.

    Perhaps you give us some more information on what headset you are using and the game your were trying to play.

    PS: I would advise reading this too .


    Oculus GO via SteamVR+VirtualDesktop
    Tried Painkiller, Skyrim and Unreal Tournament 3.
    Sadly, that driver can’t render 360(or at least 180)degree screen around you. :(


    Dont use Virtual Desktop. Use Oculus+Vorpx only.

    I dont have an Oculus, may be someone can give a comment if Oculus requires SteamVR or not.

    If it does, run Oculus+SteamVR+VorpX. Thats it.


    I must use VirtualDesktop or ALVR to connect Oculus GO to pc.
    Because it’s a wireless headset.


    My mistake, i got mixed up with virtual desktop and Bigscreen.

    I have nor idea if vorpx will work with virtual desktop. Maybe someone else can help you here.


    It’s working, i’m asking about question above


    Hi, i´m new to this, too.

    I think i know what the threadstarter like to have. And it s should be possible as an additional mode in the future. A little hint to the Devs….

    Look how TrackIR from Naturalpoint is doing it´s headtracking, like in X3. We need something like this for any flightsimkind programms. The existing is very nice for Egoshooters, but not for Flightsims of any kind. TrachIR doesn´t need a real 180 degree projection to looks like one. Because their Tracker is just using the viewdirection, stored in this games also. The mainquestion is, why is VorpX using Mousemode only ???


    Sounds like you’re adding another layer but once you launch a game and vorpX hooks to it you should be able to go into full vr mode (using the vorpX menu by pressing del).

    If it doesn’t work then it’s probably a limitation of the Oculus Go drivers on pc, it is after all a smartphone headset.

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