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    Ralph: “like I Said, G3D doubles the workload compared to playing a game on your monitor since everything has to drawn twice (once for each eye)”

    Me: if so, then how hellblade VR is performing so well (without vorpX)?
    – It is a AAA game, it is a VR game so everything has to be drawn twice, same as G3D vorpX, however, the performance is very very high. I can go beyond 300% resolution and everything ULTRA and I get 90fps.
    – The cpu was the same, but after I updated from rtx 2070 super to 3080 I got a very important increasement on performance (much more resolution scale, from 150-180 to beyond 300% as far as I remember)

    So nothing is impossible. Would you think vorpX could be improved to work in similar way as hellblade VR?


    If I had the source code to all games, like the Hellblade devs have for theirs, yes. :)

    Seriously: applying G3D like vorpX doesn’t allow for many optimizations that game devs can apply to their games with full source code access, so that’s an apples to oranges comparison unfortunately.

    Like said above, with vorpX in G3D mode games can easily become CPU bound. In a CPU bound scenario adding more GPU horsepower doesn’t really do anything. Even with a GPU 10x as fast a game would still have the same framerate if CPU bound.

    The best you can do is reducing graphics details in such a case, especially everything that reduces the amount of stuff that gets drawn to the screen. NPC/vegetation density, view distance, things like that.

    Hope that answers your question.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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