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    i have oculus cv1 and this pc specifics:
    intel i7 7700
    geoforce gtx 1080
    16 gb ram
    and i can install game in ssd
    (vorpx is installed there)
    wich resolution can suggest me?
    i a new user of vorpx for now i dont have succed in seeing a good image:
    i have tested:
    resident evil 7 (for wich many user suggest a very low resolution for working with vorpx
    excuse my bad english


    The best resolution varies from game to game, for older (and thus usually better performing) games you can choose a higher resolution than for the most recent games. It is not possible to name a general best resolution unfortunately.

    You need to make sure that you still get a decent framerate (45fps+) when you change the resolution. Quality wise 1920×1440 is a good resolution, but with many newer games that may not be fast enough, so you need to find a compromise between quality and performance that works for your PC on a game to game basis.

    Regarding RE7: as said in the other thread DO NOT change the resolution for this game, use the 1280×960 that vorpX suggests. If you can afford it performance wise, then change the multiplier in the game options like the message says that pops up when you start the game with vorpX.


    Welcome to VorpX! Have you run the game through all the steps in the setup? Downloaded the game profile? Optimized the settings? Applied any suggested manual tweaks? If the game is Direct VR compatible, you have to run that before the game resolution will look right.

    And don’t be discouraged about the tweaking. Once you get the right settings for a game, it’s totally worth it.


    For an older game like Skyrim, which is more efficient, to have a lower base resolution (ie. 1280×1440) and then up the super sampling in vorpx menu, or is it better to have a higher base resolution and lower/no super sampling?

    Does the same apply for newer games?



    There probably isn’t much of a difference performance wise.

    If the internal resolution scaler is available for a game, you can safely use that normally as it is more convenient. On the other hand the internal scaling introduces a certain risk of visual glitches, so it might make sense to try without it in case of any anomalies.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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