anyone got assassin's creed odyssey working ?

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    just release when “it’s done” Ralf, we can wait.


    Of course.

    Hope not to imply a need for rush, but merely demonstraite excitment and anticipation for the hard work you do.

    You’ve got a neat thing going here at vorpX, we are quite lucky. :)


    Hear, Hear! Three cheers for Ralf!
    Seriously, VorpX is genius. It’s preferable to native VR, in my opinion. I’d purchase it again, if I thought it would help support the cause.


    zahncisten +1 :)


    Seems to be working pretty well.

    – Drop the clouds and fog down to medium
    – turn off depth of field
    – set AA to low (looks crisper even)

    and you should be able to leave the rest on High+.

    Having fun so far. Cheers.


    Agreed. Super fun game to play in VorpX. I haven’t had a chance to really play around with the settings to get the 3D effect to “pop” a bit extra yet, if thats possible, but so far, so good. Loving every minute of it.


    I’ve decided to lean more on scale for this game – with a more conservative, but natural feeling 3D. I like the landscape and buildings to feel large.

    I’ve put my Pimax 4k profile settings on the cloud for anyone interested. I set FOVScale=1.46000 in Documents\Assassin’s Creed Odyssey\ACOdyssey.ini, and used 16:10 resolution (3648×2280) for best results.

    You may have luck getting things to pop better by upping the fov (like 160+), and zooming the screen out some. Also upping the depth weighting of course. Things will look smaller, but should have deeper layering.


    Just a heads-up that you can let vorpX handle the FOV and apply an offset on the DirectVR page of the ingame menu if you want to raise it beyond the default. It changes the same .ini value. That way your FOV change will automatically be applied for everyone who downloads your settings (provided they have auto game settings enabled).


    I found a nice middle-ground so far, actually using immersive mode, which I haven’t used much in the past, but I’m going to consider from now on I think. I find it works extremely well for this game. The first thing I noticed was that everything seemed larger and more “real”. Made a separate post on it.


    “let vorpX handle the FOV and apply an offset” … working on it now.

    It provides a max range to 20. Is that 20 degrees?

    Unlike realtime adjustment in GTA5, it’s calling for a restart. Is there a mathematical way to determine which DirectVR value I need for an offset to 146 from default?

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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