anyone tried "ori and the blind forest"?

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    google yielded no results.

    has any of you tried it?


    I just gave Ori and the Blind Forest a try today with the Vive.
    vorpX had no trouble hooking into the game. But I was only able to get Virtual Cinema mode to work with it.
    My steps:

  • 1 start steam
    2 start steam vr
    3 start vorpX
    4 launch game from steam
    5 put on headset and bring up vorpX settings
    6 set Cinema mode
    7 set Lock Head Tracking on
    8 change vorpX and game settings to your preferences.
  • Geometry 3D mode: not supported
    Z-Normal 3D mode: not supported
    Virtual Cinema mode: supported

    On the Vive the game looked very nice and played very well using keyboard/mouse and 360 controller; Some very minor screen door effects on Ori’s body when perfectly still. all and all no good reason to, or not to, play the game in or out of VR.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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