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    Many shooters always show a weapon on screen without an option to holster it, especially in FullVR mode it can become quite annoying to have a weapon glued to the view all the time.

    With the new auto weapon hide feature weapons are only in view while shooting, reloading etc., otherwise they are automatically moved out of sight by vorpX, even if a game does not provide the means to do that at all. Won’t be possible for all games, but for those that do work with it, it’s frankly just awesome. One of those little things you might never have thought about, but don’t want to miss again once you have them. Most useful in FullVR mode, but also working in cinema/immersive mode, of course.

    For the time being the feature will come to a few select G3D games, more will be added soon. When it has matured a bit the feature will also be made available as authoring option for your own user profiles.


    This is a nice feature indeed. I often use console commands or ini settings, depending on game and like having an un-obstructive view of the game world in G3D. I like personally cranking up the G3D. Will it be possible to have a setting that can allow a complete “turn off” oppose to auto?

    Just a thought but I think ideally it would be great if it could have three states “on”, “off” and “auto”.

    Keep up the good work.


    WOW !


    This looks very nice.

    Does this mean that in Aliens Colonial Marines [show in video] the gun fov is also better when it appears? It seems better on the right.
    It’s the one thing that put me off playing that game. The atmosphere and 3d is great, but the gun is huge.


    @ Stryker_66: Good idea. A toggle for turning the feature on/off was planned anyway, making that a three way switch instead that also allows to always hide the weapon is no problem.

    @ Demosthenes: Yes, fixing the gun fov was actually my original intention when I started with the feature, but along the way I thought in addition to that it might be even better to only show weapons if necessary. And it is for sure.


    Wow, that IS cool!

    I’m excited already to experiment with this.

    If it also means more control of hand/weapon fov/position/scale, even better.


    Looks like a usefull feature, thank you Ralf!

    I can see from the video that the animation of the gun going back into visible state does start at the same time as you “pull the trigger” hence the gun is shooting straight during the animation. (a little immersion breaking imo)

    Could it be implemented like this?
    – first mouse click unhides the gun
    – second mouse click does actually shoot the gun after the animation is over

    One could argue that he needs to use his reflexes, but if you implement a ON/OFF/AUTO switch, i think everyone would be happy.

    I was also thinking if we will be able to change the time limit between the gun hides? I know i might be going into details here, but i can see a big potential in this feature and would love to use it without breaking immersion.

    But i also understand it might be a first version of the feature and i really appreciate your work you put into this ^^


    An on/off/auto switch will definitely be there. The whole in animation takes 200ms currently and you start to see the gun way before that. Fast enough to not feel odd in any way, not even if you focus on the gun instead of the bad guys as you would normally do. Maybe I’ll shave off another 50ms or so, we’ll see. Can’t be too fast though since that would come across as pop-in.

    You can rest assured that the feature is the exact opposite of immersion breaking. Not running around with a gun glued to the view all the time improves immersion by a mile.


    Yeah, maybe i need to try it instead of making assumptions :-)
    Looking forward to it!


    Glad to see a fix for huge guns. The gun disappearing out of sight when not shooting is something I didn’t know I needed. Cool feature.


    nice, its often not only an issue of weapon being on screen, but also weapon being too close to eyes and being on same shader other important things are that it just looks wrong like in portal 2 where I had to use console commands to hide it.


    Oh and one more thing – if each cool feature of vorpx could have a short video preview like that more people might consider getting the software.


    Admittedly a little update to the video section of the website certainly couldn’t hurt…


    Hey Ralf…

    Do you have a list of titles we might expect this to feature on?
    I deleted Titanfall2 because I couldn’t stand the size of the gun… but the G3D was awesome. I would’ve played it through even if the gun wasn’t visible at all.


    this feature is a very nice surprise indeed ! i was not expecting such new feature :D very refreshing and i cannot wait to test it in motion :)

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