Anyone who would like to get weapons out of sight in FullVR games?

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    @ adzter :

    Haven’t checked the game yet, but I will definitely before the next update. Can’t promise anything, but I’m cautiously optimistic.

    @ all:

    For anyone interested in adding this to their own profiles: authoring the feature will be ridiculously easy. After gaining fairly solid understanding of what works and what doesn’t over the last days, authoring is pretty much pressing a button, waiting a second, and then flipping through usually 1-5 candidates that vorpX figured out to potentially be the weapon. Almost cooler than the feature itself… Provided vorpX found a valid candidate, you then just adjust size and position to your liking and define the keys/buttons that activate the weapon. That’s it. All the rocket science hidden behind a single click. Steve Jobs would have been proud of me. ;)

    Can’t promise that I’ll get the authoring UI ready in time for the next release, but at the latest it will come with the one after that.


    Very nice! This will be quite useful.

    I enjoy experimenting with the authoring tool in games almost as much as actually playing them. This will be fun :)


    This definitely looks nice! @Ralph, I was wondering. A lot of games that people have added in the memory pointers for a freecam, the look is separated from the aiming.

    Does VorpX have a way that I could use those look values instead? (I could also disable look aiming and try to do it completely outside of VorpX, but that would most likely conflict, trying to use another OpenVR / OpenXR library


    Amazing work!


    Below is the list list of games that this feature will be enabled for in vorpX 21.2.0 (release tomorrow).

    Tweakable options include the feature mode (off/auto hide/size and position only/always hidden), the auto hide timeout, the position of the weapon in 3d space, and weapon FOV and 3D-Strength for tweaking its size. Shouldn’t really be necessary to tweak anything though. Each profile has carefully chosen individual defaults that work just fine.

    Games for the first release:

    – Half-Life 2 (+episodes)
    – Portal 2
    – Black Mesa Source
    – Titanfall 2
    – Fallout 4
    – Crysis
    – Skyrim Special Edition
    – Aliens: Colonial Marines

    More games will follow shortly, I’m fairly confident that adding the feature will be possible for about 4 out of 5 potential candidates, i.e. first person G3D games.

    Note that in this first release there is no UI for changing gamepad/key assignments, will also follow shortly. For the time being make sure to use a game’s default bindings, otherwise vorpX might not be able to reliably detect when the weapon is supposed to be shown/hidden under all circumstances.



    Very exciting.

    Titanfall2, here I come.

    Awesome new features.

    Thanks Ralf!


    Thanks for creating this!
    I can’t wait to add this feature to the Bioshock and Dishonored series!


    Bioshock would have been included if I hadn‘t encountered some glitches introduced by the feature during testing. Will take a closer look at that after the update has been released. Didn‘t want to delay it any further.


    Damn, one of the most asked features since forever is finally making it’s way, great job Ralf!

    With this i think i’ll give it another try to the Halo franchise, as it has one of the biggest “in your face” guns of any game i’ve tried which turned me off from playing it.


    Just a heads-up that the feature has to be enabled on a game-to-game basis since it rquires some game specific settings. It doesn’t work automagically. Currently it’s enabled for the following games: Half-Life 2 (+episodes), Portal 2, Black Mesa Source, Titanfall 2, Fallout 4, Crysis, Skyrim Special Edition, Aliens: Colonial Marines.


    I just picked up VorpX — awesome software, seems to work great! One of the first games I tried it with is Portal 2. I’m using this with my 3D DLP projector, using the ‘generic 3d display’ option in settings. Everything seems to work perfectly, except I lost my gun and aiming cursor… I have no accuracy anymore! Then I found this thread, and I see that it was an intentional action for all the VR users. Pardon my ignorance if there is something obvious that I missed, but I can’t find any way to change this… I’m glad everyone here is happy with the change, but in my case I actually would like the option to get back to the ‘gun always showing’ default mode. Thanks for any help!

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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