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    I bought Vorpx two days ago and tried to get it working in my spare time since.
    I wanted to play one game, Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines.
    It’s source engine and I saw videos of it working. So I’m pretty sure is has to somehow work.

    Here’s my setup:
    Vive is in Direct Mode.
    Vive is on Beta update.
    Video drivers updates. (Yesterday and Today)
    3 Monitors – One on my Main Card and two on mys onboard card.
    Radeon HD 7900 Series card.

    Here is my problem:
    I get an reproducable Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error.
    I get it immediatly if I start VLC player and I get it ~2 minutes in game in Bloodlines.
    I tried to start Alice Madness returns and it failed by being stuck in a black screen. But I think I might be beyond that by now, because initially Bloodlines did the same. Haven’t tried since though.
    I also have two mouse cursors. One appears on windows logon for some time at the top left corner of my primary monitor. It also appears reproducable when switching with my mouse to another monitor. Since the secondary and third monitor are on my intel hd onboard card you could say it always happens when I switch to another graphics card. Not sure if that might help finding the source.

    If you need any more information that I might have omitted here, please feel free to ask and I’ll try my best to deliver.
    I also got a pretty big game library, so if there’s anything I can try to recreate with a specific game, there’s a change I got that.

    I just reread the basic troubleshooting and saw the multimonitor part. I must have missed that yesterday. Was pretty sleepy. I’ll try that, but for a long run it’s not an option to rearrange my desktop everytime I want to play bloodlines. Is there a chance this is going to get fixed in the future? :/



    You need to make sure that your headset and the main monitor, which games are running on, are connected to the same card (your dedicated graphics card).

    vorpX needs to copy rendered images between the game window and the headset. This cannot work when both aren’t connected to the same graphics card.


    Hi thanks for the quick response.

    They are both on the same card.
    But I got the blue screen even with all other monitors removed. and nothing plugged into my onboard card.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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