Can someone explain to me how to use shader authoring?

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    Based on the information from the people who helped me above

    After some effort, I finally succeded to get the HUD to have 3D depth (not Hide)
    I am very glad now
    I’ve opened my eyes to shader authoring :)

    But in my opinion, that seems to be all that i can do
    I was able to find the shaders related to the shadows and turn them on and off.

    But still I don’t know how to get them to have 3d depth.
    Perhaps it takes a variety of techniques to make these things possible.

    To go one step further than now I need help from someone skilled.


    There are a variety of shadow modifying options to choose from in the shader authoring UI. With some luck the ‘Invert’ option can fix certain types of shadows entirely. Games use a plethora of different shadow algorithms though, so that just works for some games.

    For DX9 games you can also program your own replacement shaders by exporting disassembled shaders and modifying their code. If you have some shader programming knowledge, that enables you to fix all kinds of shadows perfectly. Currently DX9 only.

    Best practice without programming knowledge: first and foremost leave the 3D-Strength at realistic levels, i.e. no exaggerated ‘dollhouse’ 3D. That’s not what VR (and thus vorpX) is about. In reality stereo 3D is a fairly subtle effect except for things quite close to your eyes. Without unrealistically exeggarated 3D the ‘No 3D’/’No Tranform’ shadow modifier can often be enough to bring down shadow glitches to acceptable levels. Not perfect, but easy to do.


    Thanks Ralf, I have one question.
    Among the functions of the authoring tool, there is a function to save the shader contents in the form of txt on the hard disk. What is this text file used for?
    If I edit this correctly and save this content When I re-run vorpX, does it automatically load the modified content? Does vorpX have such a function?


    Yes, but as said above DX9 only currently! You don’t have to restart the game, modified shaders will be reloaded whenever they change.

    Exported shaders are saved to [Documents]\vorpX\AuthorData\[game folder] as assembler code. If you know how to program shader assembler, you can put modified shaders into the !shader_replace sub directory. Those will then be loaded instead of the original shaders.


    You’ve already put some great features into vorpX.
    Until now I didn’t know that.

    It’s a pity to say that it only supports dx9, but I hope that dx11 will be available soon.

    And this is a special request of you .
    In the next update, I hope that you can solve the problem of not being able to save after authoring the shader.
    This seems to be the most important of all for all authoring user


    The whole shader replacement stuff got stuck in ‘beta’ a while ago unfortunately since there always is so much else to do. I still plan to revisit and extend it, just have no timeline currently. vorpX is a beast of a project, the 3D-driver part is really just a quarter of it or so codewise. Many other, more VR-specific things also fighting for my attention all the time… :)

    I’ll re-check the shader save bug within the next few days. Couldn’t replicate it the first time unfortunately and wasn’t sure how widespread it is. Seems fairly severe though judging from the number of reports in the meantime, so I’ll take a more in-depth look shortly.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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