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    I want to blow out the shadow effect, how can I do it?

    I can press ctrl+end to see the shader edit screen.
    But I don’t know what to do after that.
    Whenever I change the shader number, the effect disappears and appears.
    What I want to know is how to HIDE two or more shaders at the same time.
    Are there any posts that explain the basic usage of shader authoring?

    thx in advance and I’m sorry for my google english


    Once you have selected the shader that hides the effect, click the button “Add to active”. Now this shader is added to a treatment list below that you can cycle various treatment options and see what they do. To keep a shader hidden, choose “Do not render”. You can do the same to other shaders. Then remember to click save below to keep the settings.


    Thanks to your help, I immediately knew how

    One more question
    How can I change a shader that is visible in the shader list but cannot be added (the gray inactive one)?


    That means you have already added that shader to the active list. Look at the first few gray numbers and find the same among the active ones you added.

    If it’s an official vorpX game profile you are trying to edit, there may be some active shaders already added and they will be locked gray, meaning you can’t change the treatment that was set.


    Now, thanks to you, I knew the basics of how to use it. To go one step further, I ask you again: Can you explain me how to adjust the depth rather than simply hide(don’t render)?
    For example, what if I want to adjust the depth value of the HUD fixed at 2d, how can i do it?


    One of the treatment options you can assign is “HUD”. Any of the shaders that you assign to the HUD viewport layer can now be adjusted in the vorpX Image Settings page (when you press Delete key in game, and click the arrows at the top). There you will have 3 sliders to control the size and depth of the HUD that you have assigned.

    Often you will find that the HUD is made of more than one shader layer, so you might need to find and assign 3 or more sometimes. It is rare that you will ever want to set different depths to each layer of the HUD, but for example, if there is a crosshair or reticle dot used for aiming that you want to have at a deeper value than the rest of the HUD. In this case, there is an offset slider below the HUD treatment option, which allows you to change the depth of that individual shader.


    I really thanks for your kindness again
    I want to fix my Unreal Engine 4 game now.
    The base profile provided by vorpx is that one of Conan Exiles. After copying from this,
    then added exe file on it,I succeeded in implementing g3d in a few other games . For example, Ace Combat7 is that one.
    But the problem is the depth of the hud.
    Basically it has zero value
    But in game of the conan exiles , as you said, when I moving the 3 vorpx HUD sliders then it changes the depth and size of the hud. That means hud working at 3d
    But in the ace combat7 game which I want to fix when I move the slider but it doesn’t make any changes at all.
    How can i solve this?


    A profile does not automatically know which shaders are for HUD or shadows or anything else, you need to define them. If anything changes when you adjust those vorpX HUD sliders it is because Ralf or the profile creator found and assigned the correct shaders to that treatment. The same way you found and disabled the shadow problems, scan through the list of shaders until the HUD is hidden, then activate and assign those shaders to the HUD viewport treatment.

    There are additional parameters under the HUD treatment that might affect 3D depth, so if you messed with those, return them to default values. All you want to do is assign any layer that looks like it is part of the HUD, and leave it on “viewport” mode, which is the first and default mode for all HUD treatment.

    If you think you messed it up, just click the “Remove active” button to remove it from your active list, and then add it again fresh.


    You said “Remove activeā€¯ button to remove it from your active list, and then add it again fresh”

    What do you mean “add it again fresh”

    What and where should I add it? And what does fresh mean?

    I am sorry for my google translation


    Adding shaders is fairly straight forward. You can flip through all currently used shaders in the ‘Add Shaders’ group to find an offending shader, various methods to visualize the currently selected one can be selected with the ‘Test Visualization’ option.

    Once you found a shader that you want to disable or treat otherwise you click the ‘Add To Active’ button and then define what vorpX should do with that particular shader below using the ‘Modifier’ option. There are quite a few options that will sound like gibberish without basic knowledge of what shaders actually are and do, but basic stuff like disabling an offending shader is easy without really knowing any of that.


    Thank you everyone!
    Thanks to you, I now know how to remove unwanted shaders and it worked correctly.

    I will study more to go one step further than now.

    I have one more question,
    I have a 3d monitor that supports SBS,

    When I edit shaders, is it impossible to edit using this monitor without wearing an HMD?


    I can’t save after shader authoring.
    So I have to restart the authoring tools every time when I start the game.
    What’s the problem?


    3D Tv (without HMD) works as well accept 3D vision. Seems there is a saving bug currently, some other guys have reported that as well.

    @ Delli

    If you wish to have access to my wiki page, drop me an email, ild be happy if someone adds more “how to shader” stuff to it.


    I was asking exactly the same some time before ->

    Not sure if someone can write a small guide also explaining the details to understand better all the possible actions, it would be great as reference for everyone.


    I think so too.
    Maybe if someone has a good guide
    There will be more vorpX users.
    As a result, I think a better gaming environment will be created.

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