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    I received my Rift on Friday, and I bought vorpX about 4 minutes later, but I have no idea what I’m actually doing.

    My questions mostly center on how to use the software; not settings, per se, but just the expected way to use it.

    The Rift works fine, and the Oculus app runs when I put the headset on. I see the Oculus Home ‘room’ and menus just fine.

    Now, to run something from, say, Steam…

    Do I launch Vorpx now? Do I shut down the Oculus app? Do I run both at the same time?

    I have run vorpx, and the game starts okay, but it’s on a big screen in a room with my sitting on a fake body looking at the display.

    The big display looks like a 2D projection onto a 3d surface; the game has no depth.

    How do I move from this mode to the “in the game” mode, or, at least, into a 3D mode where it looks 3D and not flat.

    Sorry about the noob questions, but the extensive manual included with the software hasn’t answered any of these questions for me.



    You can disable Virtual Cinema Mode on the main page of the vorpX ingame menu (press DEL to open it).

    If a game opens in Virtual Cinema Mode per default, there usually is a reason for that though. Third person games for example open in that mode normally since they are better suited to be played this way than in full VR mode.

    Just in case your post is related to GTA V, please check this link. The post contains instructions how to play the game in full VR.

    First person games however should open in full VR mode right away normally. For these games you only need to adjust the field of view and the head tracking sensitivity for a comfortable ecperience. How that is done can vary from game to game and is explained in the Essential Hints Guide in the help.


    Actually, I was trying to play starcraft II.

    I’m not trying to be “in” starcraft, but I thought it would be cool to have 3d terrain and units and such.

    I’ll try a 1st person shooter tonight.

    Quake, anybody?



    Only games that have a profile for stereoscopy are rendered in 3D. Quake has one IIRC.

    For Starcraft 2 making a copy of the Diablo III profile in the vorpX config app and assigning the Starcraft 2 main .exe to it might be worth a try. That’s just a guess based on both games being from Blizzard though and thus maybe using the same graphics engine. No guarantee that it will do anything.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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