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    Thank you for your version for Cyberpunk but I can’t get the mod to work in Full VR.
    I only have a virtual flat screen locked to my view. I tried to reinstall with all the latest versions but without success.

    Here is my config:

    – Windows 10 up to date
    – GTX 1080 Ti with Nvidia drivers up to date
    – Oculus Quest with Link up to date
    – Cyberpunk 1.61
    – Vorpx alpha 8

    Can you tell me what’s wrong?



    Sounds as if the game script portion of the mod might not kick in correctly, maybe an incomplete mod install or missing write access to your Cyberpunk folder (an its sub folders).


    Thank you for your reply. How to know if the installation is not complete?

    FYI, I can change VR mode to have the apartment with a giant screen and 3D based on the Z component. In addition, the gestures tutorial is good in VR.


    use z-normal 3d, with your videocard…


    Im having the same issue. Did you manage to fix it?

    My graphic card is a rx 3060ti
    win 10 updated
    Pico 4 via steam with usb C
    latest version of Vorpx for cyberpunk
    Version of the game 1.6


    Hello matteo39.

    use z-normal 3d, with your videocard…


    The 1080 Ti is an old card without RTX but it is able to do near 60 Fps in 1440p in Ultra Quality mode. If I go down to Medium Quality I need to be able to do 60 Fps in VR on my Quest.


    Z3D still may make sense depending on your GPU and how sensitive you are to issues introduced by the default alternate frame 3D, meaning each eye only gets updated every other frame.

    That not only causes some weird and potentially uncomfortable glitches with fast motion because of the time difference between both eyes, it also (obviously) cuts the effective framerate in half. So while an FPS counter may display 60fps, in truth each eye only runs with 30fps. The mod tricks away some of the issues related to this method via frame interpolation, but not everything can be tricked away.

    Z3D may not look as natural at close distance, but on the other hand doesn’t come with any timing related glitches. Also 60fps truly are 60fps with Z3D.


    Ok for the Z3D but that does not solve the field of vision problem. Seeing the game in relief in a giant screen in VR is not really VR with 6 degrees of freedom. Does anyone have a solution to have real VR?


    I get g3d in one eye while the other has a different image. As long as its the first image it works fine but as soon as I move, one image stays while the other eye image changes. Probably just going to refund the game… too much trouble.


    I had the same problem with the vr showing in flat screen. I found that after selecting my lifepath and character and proceeding to gameplay if I press R the game is suddenly in wonderful 3D VR. Hope it works for you too. Now if I can just get my index controllers to operate in the game…..!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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