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    In case you are like me – waiting on Hell Let Loose to release, or looking for some way to commemorate D-Day in VR this week, you might give Forgotten Hope 2 a run. Load Omaha map with 120+ AI and storm the beach for reenactment. Like this but a bit larger scale:

    This WW2 mod has decent squad AI, satisfying gunplay, and looks pretty neat in vorpX, so I decided to share. And yes, you can turn off all the HUD and hitmarkers. See this post for setup details.

    For best results you’ll want ~121 bots at about 80% skill level to give a nice flow to the battle. 74 Allies attacking 48 Axsis. Just follow the bot squads, they know what to do :) . Or watch the battle happen in freecam – also neat.

    Add these maps in your playlist to make a short campaign of it:

    US Attack:
    Omaha Beach – 64
    Ponte du Hoc – 64
    Breakthrough at Saint-Lo – 64

    British Attack:
    Gold Beach – 64
    Lebisey – 64
    Villers Bocage – 64



    very interesting, thanks!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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