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    I cannot see the mini map or health bar in Deus ex, anyone got any tips?

    if I set vorpx to do its own FoV fix that allows me to almost see the hud, I have to set it to max though, and sadly its still not enough. is there anyway to increas vorpx’s 3D Fov ability for geometry 3D, that way I know I will be able to see the hud, I would then dial back the FoV in the games in game settings.

    I really like vorpx’s FoV enhancment, as it centers the hud, we just need to be able to increase it more and this game would be perfect. the hud is important in this game.


    okay after spending some time messing around with the setting I have found this to be the best way to see the hud in the game.

    3d fov enhancement: 1.5 (maximum)
    Zoom 0.67
    in game fov 75 (default)

    this is the best way to still see the hud, is there not anyway to center the hud without increasing the fov in the 3d fov enhancement, it seems when you increase this value, it does both things, why not seperate?

    is there anyway to move image up/down, the image is dedefinitely up a little higher than it is lower.

    hacking is totally broke btw, as the vorpx pointer doesn’t work correctly on the icons, makes the game unplayable past a certain point, trying to find game trainers around it so I can hack any console without having to do the mini game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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