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    trying to run this game, seems I have to select a 3:4 resolution like 768×1024, which i find odd, but the vorpx menu does not show, and there is no chromatic aberation fix in place, or headtracking.

    any clues on how to fully enable vorpx for this title?



    I’ve tried but with little success. The problem is that the game isn’t dx9 although there are mods to make it dx9. I couldn’t get it to hook.


    Ah yes I have noticed that that is the issue, although the game does not hook with vorpx it seems the game semi works with no injection if you select a 3:4 aspect ratio, same goes for gears of war 1, in fact both those games seem to naturally work quite well when those aspect ratios are selected, it gives more vertical FOV than the typical widescreen aspect ratio and looks fine in the rift, we just need vorpx to add its chromatic aberation fix and add headtracking and it would be fine.

    anyway to add those in with vorpx without vorpx actually injecting.


    Oh right of course it needs to be Directx9.

    After downloading and setting to DX9, I got Deus ex to work, anyone any tips on how to move the hud so I can see it?


    Strangely enough when rename the exe to haloce i get geometry 3D!

    very odd since haloce does not do geometry 3D itself.

    However, similar to tomb raider underworld the UI is split into two eyes and has a huge offset, but unlike tomb raider underworld this causes the game to be unplayable, as the crosshair has double vision and there are a lot of menus in this game.

    looks like people had similar issues when running this game with 3D vision.

    here is a forum link

    maybe there is some setting in vorpx that we can change that will fix this issue.


    i want to play to deus ex 1 with vorpx!
    but it has only z-normal!

    can you help me?


    If I understand OculusRiftRocks correctly, you need to download and install the renderer from the site he linked above, enable DX9 and use the Halo profile in vorpX (or rename the game’s exe).

    Never tried that myself though, so I don’t know whether it really works.


    Hello Guys, with me the dx10 renderer crashes with a “General protection fault” with VorpX on Windows 7.

    Though the game (1.112fm_D1) has an experimental OpenGL renderer which i have created a G3D profile for. Follow instructions here :


    Thank you! I played through DX a couple of years ago with Z3D, but a G3D mode would be quite welcome. Thinking of doing a GMDX play-through with this.


    @bucklebean: please try deus ex with vorpx: i’ve had some problem for the g3d…there is a visual distorsion

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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