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    vorpX can only provide stereo 3d for dgVoodoo if games use Direct3D (and thus dgVoodoo) for geometry transformations. S3D obviously still can’t be done for games that only use Direct3D to raster already transformed vertices, which is the case for many very old games that were designed for both software and hardware rendering.

    My guess is that probably most D3D8 games and some D3D7 games but no D3D1-6 games can get stereo with the dgVoodoo profile. Unlikely that this will change in the future.

    Also please keep in mind that the dgVoodoo profile, as mentioned before, is meant purely as a playground for experiments. While a significant amount of time went into creating the profile there is no official support for dgVoodoo (and never will be). Best general way to approach dgVoodoo with vorpX is not expecting any dgVoodoo game to work at all and enjoying the ones that still do.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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