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    Just wondering if this will ever have Geometry 3D.

    I’m surprised it hasn’t yet considering how critically acclaimed it is. It took the game of the year spot on a lot of big gaming sites and is still absolutely gorgeous to look at with it’s distinctive art style. I’m guessing probably not as it’s a few years old now and probably would have been added by now if it ever was going to be.


    I know the G3D is difficult to implement in Dishonored 2 but I still have hope to see it one day. Games like this are rare and Dishonored fits really well in Virtual Reality! It’s almost for this franchise that I bought VorpX!


    just let you know people, i play this game in Geometry 3d using Helixvision software at Steam. 3d effect works perfect! i crank it up the Screen Distace on virtual desktop and its very very immersive


    Does Helixvisoin work with the newest line of GPU. It says it doesn’t support them yet.


    Unfortunately, HelixVision will probably never support newer graphics cards. It relies on the stereo3D component which was removed from the nVidia driver years ago.

    There’s another option, but it’s not as user friendly as dedicated software. ReShade with SuperDepth3D. If you want to know more, there’s a video tutorial by Paradise Decay – on his YT channel search for something like “play any game in VR” – the video thumbnail is from AC Origins.


    There’s a successor to HelixVision now called geo-11 (See the HelixMod blog) which supports helixMod fixes and works with DirectX 11. There are a lot of games working with it already. There’s also Vk3dvision which works with Vulkan though the supported games are anemic. Both use custom drivers and work with newer cards. I wish they could be used with VorpX for VR conversion.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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