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    HL2 itself has the same bug as (at least) this mod. It’s happening whatever mod i use, including portal 2 for example. Sometimes, when the game opens in full screen, the screen freezes at desktop when the game is in focus, but i can return to the real desktop alt-tabbing, it freezes again when i maximize the game. So, when i did that logfile, hl2 was configured in full screen (i can’t open it) and used DoD:Source instead to produce the bug i’m talking about, because i can myself set the game to windowed mode and play anyway.

    What happens is that the game hooks, overlay is showing ingame, i can move the mouse with my head, but the screen on HMD is just black. I’m not seeing the OpenVR background, or anything at all. So i supose the hmd is detected, and is attached to a game. But i can’t even open the config menu of vorpx, or see anything at all. Inclusive the DirectVR Scan is working, as always, but there is just a black screen in my htc vive.

    I already (as commented before) tried to close practically any executable and service that is not part of windows, and launch just Steam -> OpenVR -> VorpX -> HL2 (or any mod) and nothing. I closed everything, allthough i know it was working before… nothing. There is one thing i not tried yet … some months ago i changed the HDMI cable for a Display Port one (so i can connect another screen to the hdmi port). My Graphics Card is a RX480, and has 2xDP and 2xHDMI. I start thinking maybe this is happening sice i changed that cable.

    I was not playing for some months, but until then i was playing most of the time DoD, Garrys and other mods because it was my favourite Engine for VorpX. In February i tried to play Synergy and since then, i’m not playing with vorpx anymore because of this. Other games are usually too demanding for my computer, or i am too lazy to optimize it like i did with source.

    So, this start happening between october 2018 and february, time when there were some Hl2 updates (and Native-Vr Beta removed) also OpenVr updates, and some new Catalyst drivers. I installed and removed various programs in that time, also updated some of them, but i already tried to close them. Also, i rebooted windows removing some services and startup items, to just try this, nothing. So I give up, there are so many things potentially doing this, i’m not just formating or keep auditing my computer for months. Sometimes i get a new idea of what is causing this, i try and is even more frustating than before.

    So I’m just sharing this, so you know there are still some users having this trouble and … if anyone has solved this without changing of operating system, please, share with us. Also, please, leave a comment if you are also getting a black screen with Hl2 or other games, so we can reduce the search. I’m pretty sure this is just happening with Windows 7 x64, but also with oculus.

    Maybe some day i can fix this, before
    updating my whole computer. Thanks.


    ok, I changed the cable for an hdmi one, and i got no more problems with fullscreen games, mainly because there is no screen-clones now. But i cannot play yet with the default profile to any Hl2 mods. First: Hl2.exe does not hook until i download the profile [vorpx] from the cloud. Then: Playing with that profile gives me a black screen in the vive. I also downloaded the profile for Portal2 and tried to play with it, and It Works !

    I tried to play hl2 with that profile, but i have to rename the game (to hl4.exe) then I applied the Portal2 profile (a copy) and was able to play, but there is not DirectVR. I thought it was maybe due to another process hooking to hl2.exe but not hl4.exe but i tried to play with a copy of the Hl2 profile, and i got the same result as before: Black Screen.

    So, for anyone that can fix this: Portal 2 profile and Half-Life 2 ones, have some difference that is causing this. I can’t go any deeper because there is no shader tool or expert settings i can see, when applying the Hl2 profile.



    Just a little additional report, with me the game does show up on the monitor including vorpX logo, but HMD (vive pro) stays all black. Also Win7/64. Sidenote: I checked Left4Dead2 which has the same engine, game is running without issues.


    Please check my earlier replies in this thread. There isn’t really anything more I can suggest to try. Half-Life 2 is tested on a regular basis and works fine in general, unfortunately I cannot replicate the issue.

    If that isn’t the case, please also make sure to use the Steam version of the game. Outdated CD versions are not supported and I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t work.


    Its the latest HL2 steam version i was using. – My solution was finally improvising a new profile with the official Left4Dead 2 profile, nice G3D even without any futher settings. Most steam-games cant be renamed, but with this one i was lucky.


    It should work with the actual HL2 profile, which also has full DirectVR support. Checked it for you after my reply above, just to be sure.

    Maybe check whether you by any chance accidentally enabled some compatibility mode for the original .exe, replaced a DLL or tried anything else unusual. If it works with a different profile, resetting the actual profile to default is also worth a shot.


    ey RJK_

    Can you please share with me your troubleshot data so
    I can see if there is any service in common ?

    do you remember when this start to happen ?
    or any program you setup prior to that ?

    what about your graphics card ?
    mine is an AMD RX480
    Latest Drivers

    Thank you and, by the way
    i get a white screen
    with mirror’s edge

    i don’t know if
    has anything
    to do with
    this …



    Unfortunately i dont have anything to share, the log is clean, like said above , must be a windows 7 issue. I woul guess an incompatible or out of date directx file. d3d9.dll or something. But thats just a guess.Havent investigated any further on this game.


    Do you need any other mods with half life2? I seen that there was a mod from ages ago taht allowed you to hold the weapons like a proper VR game.


    Does VR only have Half Live 2 or the orange box with Episode One and Episode Two?


    Both Episode 1 and 2 work with full DirectVR support.

    Just in case: make sure to use the current Steam versions. Old CD-ROM version probably won’t work correctly since the game has been updated many times since it was released.


    Tried HL2 today and it shows me a black screen and a couple of artifacts. Portal works fine.
    Is there any solutions?


    Same problem here. Only seeing upper left corner of the screen. Was able to see part of the menu lower right corner, but no way to get the resolution/FOV to the correct size. Direct Scan keeps failing on FOV


    And… it worked a few months ago. That’s the weird part. Try resetting Vorpx profile nothing.


    Got it working by using a custom portal 2 profile

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