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    Hello everyone, everytime I try to launch the vorpX_websetup.exe is says “download error” thats all it says…

    I have tried disabling all firewalls, anti virus, windows defender, checking ports, redownloading the installer many many times still says download error…

    I’ve been trying for about 4 weeks to get it going, tried emailing vorpx team but they are not responding.

    Is there anyway to get it to install? if not, is there any chance of a refund?

    Thanks to all who reply in advance :)


    You received an answer on November, 28 and even answered back, so it’s safe to say that the answer reached you. Since you also received an activation key earlier, it’s also safe to assume that the installer worked before.

    That said, unfortunately there is no other answer than the one you received already. Sorry. There has to be something blocking the download. Most likely that would be a firewall or any kind of security software, but it may also be your router.

    Since you were able to install vorpX the first time you tried mid November, it may be worth a try to restore a Windows system restore point from that time to revert any changes done in the meantime.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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