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    First of all, great tool! Had a lot of fun with many games so far.

    But it seems that The Elder Scrolls Online is not working in real 3D anymore – I can’t see the Geometry option in the ingame Vorpx settings anymore. The latest Update forces me now to always start in DirectX11, doesn’t matter whether I changed the usersetting file (read only) or put the tag on the exe. Only Z-buffer is available and pardon me, but that is not real 3D and feels very strange.

    As far as I can see there is no way to force TESO to DX9 anymore thus making Geometry impossible. Is there anything left i could do? Would be a real pitty to lose the experience with this game.



    Ralf, are there any plans to add Geometry 3D back in Elder Scrolls.
    This game and Skyrim are the reason I bought Vorpx :)


    Yeah, same boat. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between 2D and the Z-modes. The geometry info is there, nvidia 3DTV Play still works with ESO.

    ESO was my main inspiration for buying the Vive (and VorpX), too. I’ll jump through any hoops I can as an end-user to help get this back.

    I knew about the DX11 issue when I bought VorpX, though, so I’m not complaining. :)


    BUMP because I’m still waiting on this !

    edit: also he did post saying it will be added in the next update or something close too that if i recall , just bumping for curiosity of the next update containing some info?


    Hello, I recently bought Vorpx and its a great software. I almost have Skyrim looking great. However it would be really nice to have Geometry 3D and some positional tracking in ESO like how it is in Skyrim. Its so amazing!!! I just bought ESO yesterday and plan on playing the entirety of it in VR on my Vive. I realize it used to have proper Geometry 3D and it would be amazing if we can have it again.

    If anyone can give me tip on how to optimize ESO for VR. Everything is still a slight bit zoomed in for me even after changing the FOV in game as must as I can. and even Zooming out the image to the point where I see a little grey.

    I am also trying to figure out how to get other users Vorpx profiles.Any help from anyone would be appreciated.


    if you use the profile from Warhammer:End Times- Vermintide with Eso so you have an nice 3d effect. Best results with zstandart. You can use this until there is an profil with geometrie for Eso.

    This also works with Wow Beta…..not with the standart Wow

    Greetings Hannes


    Hey Hannes, how do you apply a profile for one game, to a different one? I can’t figure out how to do it in the VorpX configuration tool.

    I can export the Warhammer End Times profile, but can’t import overtop of The Elder Scrolls Online… I can try add the TESO executables to the Warhammer profile, but it won’t let me since they’re already on the TESO “official” profile. I can’t delete or disable the TESO official profile. If you could write a few explicit instructions on how to do it, I would greatly appreciate it. ^^


    Hi vibrant

    here the instructions:
    make a copy of your gamen .exe an rename it ( I named it esoVR)
    make in vorpx by your local profils a copy of the warhammer profile by clicking right on it and use “creat a new profile based on this one”.
    give it a new name.
    add your copied game exe (esoVR) as exe
    start the game over your copied exe dont´t use the launcher
    if there is an update in the game so you have to make a new copy of the game.exe after updating with the launcher

    that is the way i do it.
    hope this will help you




    Hello Hannes66 and thanks for the guide.

    Im interested in starting ESO again (used to play the castrated version on ps4)

    Would like to know whit your method what kind of vr experience i can get. Im new to vorpx.

    Can i move my head around free? Or the game is going to be in a virtual thater whhit 3d dept?

    Thank you


    Thanks Hannes for the explanation! :) I’ve tried it… created a copy of the game’s executable, created a copy of the warhammer profile, and added the new game executable to the copied profile’s list of “assigned programs”. However… when I start the game (by double-clicking on the new copy of the game executable, as you suggest), it loads up in VorpX but doesn’t allow me to select any 3D game mode at all – in the VorpX game menu under Main Settings, “3D Reconstruction” is shown as “Off” and I change change it to anything else. :(

    If you have any idea of why I can’t change it to Z-Standard, I’d love to know. Thanks either way, I really appreciate the help. I used to play this game under tridef on my old 3D monitor and loved the hell out of it… I was really disappointed to find that the recent patch screwed it up for VorpX since it was the only reason I bought it!


    Ralph make it work please! I have too much hype !


    D’oh, I meant to say that I /can’t/ change “3D Reconstruction” to anything else but “Off”.


    Hi vibrant

    I only use the 64bit client of eso (eso64.exe) and there i´m able to use all three modes.I don´t have testet it with the 32 bit client.

    @ Arkh
    you can use it with head trackin or you can use it with desktopmode. The 3d effect is good but i think not perfect, but this is only my opinion.

    greetings Hannes


    Strange, I’ve tried with both 32bit and 64bit (copied the executables, renamed them, added them to a copy of the Warhammer profile)… neither of them allow me to change the 3D Construction.

    I don’t suppose you could upload your profile to the Cloud Profiles section? I doubt it will help… but I would so love to play ESO in 3d again. Either way, thanks for your assistance Hannes.


    Hi vibrant

    have upload the profile under Eso-Wow-VR.
    I start vorpx with adminrights.
    Since the last Patch in eso under geometrie 3d you get only for one eye an picture
    but i think the other modes are better an your fps are so that you can play it

    greetings hannes

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