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    I’ve been searching around for a way around this. Basically I’ve downloaded a custom profile for Dishonored 2 and it wont let me assign the exe because there’s a built in profile that comes with the app. There appears to be no way to remove the exe from that original profile so I can put it on the downloaded custom one. What should I do?



    same problem here. Was using official profile for farming simulator 2019 and decided to create my own based on official one. I can create a local copy, but when i try to assign it to .exe a popup comes up saying that that exe is already assigned. I don’t see a way to remove the assignment.


    do i get it right, that for games with official profiles, you can only import/export settings, but you cannot create a custom profile (i.e. based on another games profile)?


    Yes, official profiles are supposed to be best working ones so I guess Ralf thought there is no point letting people accidentally ruin those by removing exe and then complaining on forums about it not working or something.

    I dont really know why, but if game is official you have to use official profile…unless game doesnt mind you renaming exe to whatever, some games run just fine with any name on exe and vorpx will ignore it unless you make a custom profile for a custom exe name. Only workaround I can think of.


    The answer to this question, even though it’s obvious, should be in a FAQ – it’s asked frequently enough.


    I understand that for power users this must look like an unnecessary restriction, but it really isn’t.

    The biggest issue with profile overrides is that game updates occasionally break vorpX profiles. The more popular and newer a game is (and thus more frequently updated), the more likely that is to happen. If now someone would install an overriding profile for a game that receives a profile breaking update, they would be at the mercy of the custom profile author. Official profiles are updated in such cases as soon as I become aware of the issue, custom profiles probably more often than not wouldn’t. A user with an outdated custom profile would still have a broken game despite a fix being available in the according official profile. Hence once there is an official profile for a game, you can’t replace it anymore.

    You can still share and download settings for the profile though, just the underlying base profile is not overridable. Most of the time sharing custom settings, which is always possible, should suffice anyway. In case it doesn’t for some reason in a particular case, as power users you always have the option to go with the renamed .exe workaround, which in most cases will work perfectly fine.

    Another fairly huge advantage of having a non-overridable base profile and an overridable user settings part is that any settings for official profiles you do/share/download stay valid even after an underlying base profile has been updated.

    What I have on my list is making additional shader definitions part of the always sharable profile portion instead of disabling the shader authoring UI for official profiles. That should cover most cases where currently just sharing settings is not enough. E.g. you could handle the opposite case of what I described above and make shader based adjustments yourself before an official profile update does. No timelime, but in general the profile system would allow to do that relatively easily.


    There are cases where it makes impossible to use VORPX.

    MassEffect3 LE for example. Default profile doesn’t hook, you have to use MassEffect1 LE profile. To do that, you have to rename ME3 LE executable.

    Which is bad, because it forces you to play in English


    I really don’t understand this restriction. I have read the explanation you gave, but I do not understand why it is not possible for expert users to be able to modify the executable of the predefined profiles, perhaps with a request, as happens for the modification of shaders. so the expert user can modify them while the non-expert user continues to use the predefined profiles. it doesn’t seem very complicated to manage!
    Rename executive file most of mode , like first person view dont work.


    Ralf I agree witk Luka.

    I understand your explanation, but the case of MassEffect 3 LE point out that a solution is needed for cases where two versions of the same game exists, and both have the same EXE name and another hooking profile is needed.

    I can try giving some suggestions:
    – multiple official profiles are provided and users can choose witch one to activate

    – let users to temporally disable official profiles to avoid the “EXE already assigned” restriction. These override profiles are marked in red and only one can be activated. A warning is shown when game start: “You are not using an official profile, if you have problem delete this override profile”


    having this issue with deadspace remake 2023 and cannot find a workaround

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