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    I know that exist other topic about this problem but I created a new one in order to try to solve and clearly talk about this.
    Firstly I noticed that something was wrong with GtaV but I don’t care.
    The real problem started when I buy Amnesia 2.. after changing all possible resolution or tweaks I tried to (ingame with oculus) close one eye for time and.. WOW! The most incredible thing: with right eye I was able to see left side of game’s start screen and with the other eye (left) the right side of course.
    I started to pray after this. It’s very sad situation.
    What can I try?


    I think that An “ancient” version of runtime let user swap eyes.. or maybe I’m wrong.. oneother usefull information could be thath healt warning seems looks right.
    Another thing.. after installation of 0.9 update all looks clear but setting softare is the same of the past without any changes or mention of new possibilities like resolution or virtual desktop.. is normal?


    At least let us know if and when a patch will be released to help me to decide if I want an older version or I caN wait.


    Still no fix on this yet in the latest version (.9.1) – looks like DK1 will not be getting anymore support as ralf has not had any luck fixing it – so DK1 you will have to use older versions of VorpX (.5 I think is the one I got working)

    It definitely occurs when VorpX hooks and is swapping eyes.


    It is not possible.
    It’s a strange problem and I am not able to understand how it is possible that a similary problem is “untouchable”
    I payed for this.
    I must receive a response by ralf that 6 minutes ago posted in another topic.
    I payed for this.
    I must receive support until version 1.9, is it in the contract .
    Next time don’t let users pay for a beta version.


    Ooooh this is the best. I want to spend my freetimd to solve this and tadaa, now i’m not able to start vorpx cause it say that it’s too bad driver to work with dk1. Grewt, this is the way


    You can’t solve this issue yourself unfortunately. Please follow the advice given in the message and send a mail to support to get an older version that works with the DK1.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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