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    I have an Oculus Quest. New to VR and Vorpx.

    Is it better to get Fallout 4 and use Vorpx OR just get Fallout 4 VR?


    Pretty much depends on how you want to play the game:

    If you want to play roomscale, Fallout 4 VR is what you want you to get despite its visual downgrade compared to the regular version. You can play standing/roomscale with vorpX too, but Bethesda obviously could do much more in that regard than vorpX can do, so the Fallout 4 VR version is superior here.

    Fallout 4 with vorpX is the right choice if you prefer to play seated and/or want to use as many mods as possible since the VR version does not support all mods.


    I’ve not played Fallout 4 with VorpX but I have played Pancake and I own the VR version. I would just go native VR if I were you. I love it, the game feels excellent. I have a higher end graphics card so I guess I’ve yet to have any problems but I heard from others the lower end cards require alot of tinkering. I’ve almost played through the entire game and its been an excellent ride the whole way through, beats the hell out of the flatscreen version.

    Apparently, there is also a way to get the mods working but I haven’t spent too much time on that. If you are looking for a world to get lost in, don’t hesitate, just get it and play.


    When you get the Original Fallout 4 VR Version, you are only able to play it via Motion VR Controllers, when you play it with Vorpx, you have some more features for example, playing with Xbox Controller or Keyboard (of course with Headtracking and Positional Tracking in G3D just like in the Native VR Version)
    In Vorpx you can switch to Cinema Mode or Full VR again everytime.
    And for me the most important thing is, in Native Fallout 4 VR its recommended to play it standed (which i dont like so much), via Vorpx you can play it with much comfort seated (which is my favorite Way to play almost all Games :)

    For me, i dont really need the motion Controllers for Non VR Ego Shooter Games, its alright to just aim with your Head.

    Oh and the most important Feature, when you play the normal Version with Vorpx, you can Swtich to Third and First Person everytime, in Fallout 4 Native VR its only First Person.
    To Play in Third Person is a really cool way, to play Fallout 4 in VR:)

    So i would recommend the normal Version with VORPX :)
    Annother feature, you can also just play it without VR, because its made for desktop.
    Fallout 4 Native VR forces you to always play with the VR Headset.


    i love vorpx, i really do, but native VR games will always be better.

    plus you can use mods even with fallout VR, it’s true that you cant use all of them unlike if you play fallout 4 with vorpx but most work just fine.


    With a bit of following guides you can install and play all the DLCs (except for a small section of the robot one that needs completing in flat mode or using cheats) and most mods available for the flat version.

    Ive finished the Fallout4VR main storyline and played around totaling over 250 hours ingame.

    I played mostly seated using steamvr advanced settings for “height regulation”, as a comparison ive played Fallout76 (same engine, similar gameplay) through Vorpx and its cool but being able to aim by pointing a controller in Fallout4vr makes the game so much more enjoyable IMO.


    @steph12 depends on the port, like Borderlands 2 VR, it was ported for VR extremely buggy, making Borderlands 2 + vorpX a better experience.

    Just checked it and it seems the game has indeed been updated but funny enough the game does not have any multiplayer at all… so yep, vorpX is still the better experience, as head tracking and positional tracking is practically as good as the VR version, the only problem would be that you can’t separate mouse aiming from headtracking afaik.


    Don’t mean to Hijack the thread but how does New Vegas compare to Fallout 4 Native VR? I’ve played NV on the Xbox but I never quite finished it.


    I spent the last few days tweaking Fallout 4 VR to get the best possible visual result in my Pimax 8KX. However, despite HD texture mods, and fRenderTargetSizeMultiplier = 1.5 and Adaptive sharpening mod, the image always remained a bit blurry and pixelated. After a few hours I tried flat Fallout 4 with vorpx. Resolution set to phneomenal and baaam. The clarity and sharpness compared to the VR version is stunning.
    If you prefer a clear image in front of motion controller, you should use vorpx.


    Fallout 4 VR with Gingas VR mod and Wabbajack was extremely easy to install. It took time to set up but looked fantastic. You just follow the guide and video to the letter and it works. I played it a couple of year ago. You need the regular Fallout 4 and the DLCs to get it to work. I think there has been a few recent upgrades to the mods and added into wabbajack so it should be even better.
    I find standing much more immersive, though I loved games like bioshock series and metro series using Vorpx and an Xbox controller sitting downs so I can imagine using Fallout 4 and Vorpx will be pretty neat as well, especially with graphics mods.


    You can use motion controllers as gamepad with vorpX. The latest beta also comes with controller gestures. Shor demo video in the post below:

    vorpX 23.1.0 BETA

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