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    <font><font>Vous devriez faire un commutateur à utiliser une ancienne version de vorpx. </font></font><font><font>
    Il ya déjà un interrupteur pour passer à l’exécution 0,8 0,6 runtime pour l’oculus</font></font>

    <font><font>?? </font><font>Je ne suis pas sûr que je comprends pourquoi voudrais-je utiliser une ancienne version de Vorpx pour Fallout 4? </font><font>Avez-vous un lien pour en savoir plus à ce sujet?</font></font>

    it’s just to be able to record video in extend mod

    Oculus Runtime Switcher v3.0.1
    byu/micomer inoculus



    @ Dal: Yes. There was an issue with the heuristics used to find the values that have to be be changed for Geometry 3D, which only partially work in Fallout 4. A (rather unsophisticated, but largely working) workaround is in place now, so you can expect Geometry 3D for Fallout 4 very soon.

    Please be aware that you will need an extremely fast PC for this to work at a reasonable framerate (fastest Core i7 + GTX 980Ti).


    Fallout 4 with G3D…. coooooolllll…..


    Since it can’t be stressed enough: on a normal (good) gaming PC (i5 + GTX970) this runs below 30fps outside on medium settings, which is not a reasonable framerate for VR, even with async timewarp.

    As far as I’m concerned Z3D will still be the better option in this case due to the almost twice as high framerate.


    Waiting for this great update for Fallout 4 geometry.


    I found why I did not have a double image on my screen.
    I put the full screen games and I had no “direct mod mirror”

    Now, I put in a window and here works


    Has anyone else run into an issue with fallout automatically setting back to 90 FOV. I run the optimizer and it says its set to 120, but in game its 90. If I bring up console and type “fov 120” it looks like its 120, but as soon as I hit tilde~ to close the console, it switches back to 90…


    “As far as I’m concerned Z3D will still be the better option in this case due to the almost twice as high framerate.”

    Raf any way to get in touch with that GTA modder that got Pseudo positional tracking working in GTA? would help with Z3D (which I have to admit, once you get FOV fixed with in game commands, is pretty nice in Fallout 4)


    I wanted to report that I’ve been playing Fallout 4 basically exclusively with the Oculus and vorpX (went through he tutorial in 2D until I could see all the parts of the HUD to make sure I wasn’t missing anything when switching to 3D).

    The Z3D mode works surprisingly well. Not the crappy Z3D I remember from the “old days” of Nvidia 3D Vision with Cryengine games. I cranked the seperation in the vorpX settings and moved the slider all the way to the foreground. Depth is great, there is some Z3D induced shimmering around close foreground objects (e.g. your weapon or close in characters). The HUD seems to be put at the depth of the background. That actually helps make it easy to aim and read though at the cost of some of the text being a bit disjointed at times as it rolls over different objects. Nothing that will stop your from reading it.

    The FOV setting are a bit tricky. Basically, you have to change it in 3 different files, as explained in detail here:

    I settled on 130 FOV for first person with 1:1 Pixel mode and the image zoomed all the way in. If you want to be able to see the compass at the bottom of the screen, just zoom the image out a bit (just a few Shift+Mousewheel clicks) though I find that makes terminals a bit harder to read. Maybe you can compensate with less FOV. With these settings, I tend to zoom out (middle mouse button) for crafting, building, or trading where I need to see the full HUD across the entire screen.

    The FOV command in the ~ console actually controls the FOV for your gun and PIP Boy. So you can set the PIP boy “size” independent of your game FOV, which is nice. You can make it readable no matter game FOV you use.

    I would also recommend taking out the mouse smoothing and adjusting the vertical mouse sensitivity as described in that same Steam guide (linked above) before adjusting your headtracking sensitivity in the vorpX settings.

    So a few things to tweak, but it works great! Thanks for the early support, vorpX!


    Do you think performance will get better or is it just the games is demanding in the first place? I can run a modded Skyrim and New Vegas so if I can get vanilla Fallout 4 to work as good as those in G3D I’ll be a happy camper.


    @ peteostro : positional tracking for Z3D will be looked into for Fallout 4. Just can’t promise anything yet.

    @ FormulaRedline : You can apply some of the tweaks with one click in the vorpX Game Optimizer in the config app.

    @ Karlor : Fallout 4 doesn’t even come close to the performance of Skyrim. Which isn’t really surprising as Skyrim is four years old and was made with the PS3/X-Box 360 in mind, whereas Fallout 4 was made for PS4/X-Box One.

    For a halfway pleasent G3D experience you will need the fastest PC available (fastest Core i7, GTX 980Ti).

    With a more normal, but good, gaming PC (Core i5, GTX 970) G3D performance on medium settings is borderline bearable (~30fps) while roaming the more empty parts of the map, but dips below 20fps in more complex scenes like towns or factories, which by all means is unacceptable. So you will at least have to switch between both modes depending on the location. A good rule of thumb is that G3D will cut your current Fallout 4 Z3D framerate in half as everything has to be rendered twice.

    As in many cases the 3D effect in the distance is better with Z3D BTW, so unless you are mainly focused on looking at objects close to you, you really don’t miss much when using Z3D in Fallout 4.

    You’ll be able to decide yourself soon.


    I never even thought of the game optimizer piece. I’ll have to look into that!

    Karlor, I’ll back up what Ralf said about FO4 vs Skyrim performance: it’s just not in the same league despite the similar engines. The textures in FO4 aren’t that great either, so I think it;s just that they packed a lot more geometry into the scenes. I’ve got an i7 4770k and a 780 Ti and everything runs fine and dandy on Ultra in small rooms or less dense areas, but chugs even on High when I go into the city (all in Z3D).

    I’ve always been a big promoter of “real” 3D over Z3D, but Z3D really does the job well for this game. I’d certainly rather play (and do) in Z3D with the Oculus than in 2D. And if Z3D is what I have to use to keep the framerates smooth, it’s worth the small amount of shimmering around the weapons. Especially since I like to shoot stuff instead of letting VATS do it for me!


    Hey guys! I just got vorpX for Fallout 4. Seems to be running great, but my HUD is really close and gets cut off outside my peripheral vision. I couldn’t find a way to move the HUD back. Any advice?


    You can use the EdgePeek function (press the mousewheel / middle mouse button) to zoom out temporarily. More useful hotkeys are explained in the help.

    The next vorpX update will add a scalable HUD for Fallout 4.


    “The next vorpX update will add a scalable HUD ”


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