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    After a game update in May 2023 the Geometry 3D rendering stopped working.
    I’ve reset all VorpX and game settings to defaults and updated VorpX with no change.
    Z-Normal still works, so VorpX is hooking the game properly.

    When enabled, some lighting and effects like transparent glass shift to weird positions onscreen but not aligned to the scenery. Objects and terrain are all flat, with no 3D conversion being done.

    It seems like some shader definitions must have changed IDs or structure and are no longer compatible with the profile. It looks like shaders which should be providing the object shapes aren’t being processed, while other shaders are being processed as the wrong type of shader.

    Something similar happened back in 2019(ish) and after the September 2022 update, but these were fixed after later VorpX updates. There is a note from Ralf earlier in the forums mentioning shaders needing to be updated to fix those problems.

    Any chance of an update coming for this game to work again?
    Or has anyone managed to figure out how to fix the shaders?


    Please switch to the beta: https://www.vorpx.com/forums/topic/vorpx-23-1-0-beta/

    Can’t recall currently why I didn’t also update the profile for the regular release last time it broke. Probably some code changes were necessary on top of the profile update.


    Hey! The beta fixed it perfectly, thanks so much!

    It looks like a lot of good new work also, I like the ‘Start Page’ with hints and reminders about the game, that’s a cool improvement.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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