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    Having some issues setting the appropriate WORLD FOV when using DirectVR in conjunction with a mod known as “FOV Slider“.

    Long story short, the option to alter “iron sights FOV” using FOV slider only works if I change the default WORLD FOV through the MCM menu, that being said, I’m not sure if this interferes with the FOV values already set in place by direct VR.

    The only solution I see here would be to set the WORLD FOV of “FOV slider” to the same value DirectVR usually would. Otherwise I’m not sure if running the Direct VR scan after tinkering with the FOV settings via this mod will overwrite it or not.

    Has anyone else experienced compatibility issues with this mod in the past?


    I’ve also had some difficulty reconciling certain aspects of the HUD, for example, while certain settings look great for the crosshair, those same settings won’t work well for dialogue boxes etc. Essentially, I had to disable true iron sights due do to weapons not lining up properly and it seems the only way I can maintain any semblance of accuracy is if I enable the crosshair with maximum depth enabled through the in-game Vorpx menu…

    Just wondering what types of workarounds people generally use for these issues.


    Please uninstall the FOV slider mod if it interferes. The FOV set by DirectVR is calculated perfectly to fit the FOV of your headset, there is no need to tweak it manually.

    For better iron sights you can use the ‘Main Eye’ option that becomes available in the vorpX menu after enabling expert settings in the config app. Select the eye you would prefer for aiming down the sights in reality.


    Thanks Ralf! The “main eye” option enabling iron sights has got to be one of the coolest features yet!

    This essentially eliminates any purpose the “FOV Slider” mod would have served on its own, uninstalling it fixed the issues regarding World FOV.

    One useful aspect of this mod however, was the option to eliminate the lengthy zoom-in time during dialogue scenes. A safe way to enable this feature without the use of this mod is to open the GECK and click the “gameplay” tab in the upper menu > select “settings” > search “fdialogzoominseconds” (or whatever other setting you’re looking for) and set the value to 0.05>

    This, along with the fDlgFocusOverride=15.0000 tweak provided in the enhanced camera mod configuration settings pretty much fixes any sort of jutter/ disorientation that otherwise takes place during dialogue encounters.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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