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    What are the chances of getting Far Cry 4 to work with DK2 and VorpX? Tried to see if it would hook without any official support, but no dice.


    I’m on it right now. It’s basically working, but I still can’t promise anything yet due to a potential issue with the Uplay DRM.

    You should be able to get into the game though with the current build (no 3D of course without a profile):

    1. Go offline in Uplay. This is highly important. Online the game will exit after establishing the connection to the Uplay server, even if the inital hook is successful. Probably Uplay checks for anything unusual in memory and exits if something is found.
    2. Disable the ingame overlay in Uplay (might not be necessary but can’t hurt).
    3. Hooking probably will take several tries.
    4. Once you make it into the game start an offline campaign.

    There may be issues with saving checkpoints in offline mode. I’m not 100% sure of that yet. Would be nice to get some feedback in this regard.


    Far cry 4 worked great, Setup tips

    FOV, HUD and mouse Fix
    %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 4\GamerProfile.xml
    set FOVScaleFactor= 1.8
    set SafeFrameAreaWidth=”0.15″
    set SafeFrameAreaHeight=”0.3″
    set MouseAccelerationOn, MouseAcceleration, Smoothness, Smoothness_Ironsight UseMouseSmooth to 0

    although the HUD may be hard to read, its the correct size, its just that the rift isn’t good showing detail around the edges

    a cheat engine file has option to remove spread, this makes the crosshair size much better, but vorpx doens’t allow alt-tabbing with this game to change the cheatengine options.

    Driving FOV is bad, try ADS or looking right/left.


    Thanks for the setup tips. Will add them to the Game Optimizer to automate this.

    Driving FOV: I only played the first driving sequence so far,and was under the impression the FOV changes depending on speed. Odd effect. Will try to find an ini setting to turn that off.


    Hi guys,

    I’ve been trying to check out Far Cry 4 with the Rift DK2 but no luck.
    Seems the driver won’t hook on it.
    Can you detail your vorpX config for me please?


    Hi, normally the steps in the second post above should suffice. Going offline in Uplay is highly important.



    Sorry, i got busy and didnt get a chance to try it till now. Going offline worked, but i ran into another issue. Upon seeing this issue, i went back to a previously known functional game and confirmed that the issue is affecting it, too, now (BF4).

    Based on this symptom, do you know what might be the root cause? All of a sudden, my left and right eye FOV/ROI are offset (on the x-axis) by too much, such that there’s no way one can focus. I see this in both FC4(no 3D) and BF4 with VorpX. It actually looked better with glasses worn upside down lol. But i dont think the issue is related to 180deg rotation or monitor flip. My DK2 HMD setting in Win 7 is Portrait, primary. I didnt have this problem before, so I am not sure what changed. Could be one of the NVidia settings, but I reset them to default and still no change.

    This may or may not be related, but outside of VorpX, playing World of Diving, i noticed that the graphics setting of “Low” flipped the image vertically.


    Issues with converging images usually are releated to either the IPD (interpupillary distance) setting in vorpX or a wrong resolution setting. You should check the things below:

    1. Set all games to 1920×1080 fullscreen for the DK2
    2. Do not use an Oculus profile in the config app.
    3. Dial in the IPD manually. You might have to set it slightly lower than your real IPD due to a calculation glitch.

    Step 3 can be done with direct feedback ingame on the display page of the vorpX config app. Lower (or raise) the IPD value until you can converge without any eye strain.


    Ralf, you are right, i found that lowering IPD below the measured actual value fixed the convergence issue. However, i did it offline in my Oculus profile. What’s the way to do it in-game? I accessed the VorpX menu, and it listed my lens type (A) and IPD, but did not have any buttons for adjusting it in real=time.

    Sadly, I don’t find the game exciting enough in VR without stereo 3D. Is that something that might be feasible?

    BTW I noticed that Outlook gets hooked by VorpX lol, causing a crash.


    You normally can adjust the IPD with the left/right arrows right to the IPD value on the display page of the ingame menu. They should be clickable. If that does not work for some reason, you can also navigate and use the vorpX ingame menu with the cursor keys.


    My bad, finally got working by switching back to oculus rift 0.4.2 :)

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