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    Is Farming Simulator 22 is supported?


    Why is there this second “is”? xD


    There is a Farming Simulator 22 profile since the last vorpX update, should work out of the box.


    Ralf profile is working basically with certain limitations. When DLSS or DLAA is activated in combination of G3D right eye is black, so we are limited to use regular TAA. This is somewhat upsetting as without the ability to use DLSS or DLAA both performance and visual quality in VR is on the edge even with best hardware. Im running RTX 3090 and i have to take compromises and reduce graphics settings in order to achive somewhat acceptable fps in VR with vorpx. Also TAA makes everything blurry and washed out even at highest available resolution setting and sharpening cranked up in vorpx. Everything that is beyond 10 meters distance appears unsharp with TAA. Now if i enable DLSS only one eye is rendered but the quality and performance receives a significant improvement. Its running smooth (on one eye) with doubled fps (which allows to use higher graphics settings) and is all perfectly sharp. Just on one eye.

    I would really appretiate if it would be possible to you to fix DLSS/DLAA. This would greatly improve vorpx experience for this game. Im not asking for promises, just take at as a wish. Im using vorpx only for this game.


    I’m running a 3080ti also using vorpx solely for FS22 and second the post above.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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