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    Hello Ralf,

    Could we have the ability to toggle 3D on/off with custom binded key presses, this would be a great addition to the software as it would help solve some 3D issues, so in the case of 3D breaking menus we could set 3D on/off to escape, so that would solve any menu issues with 3D.

    Also, some people play games in 3D in indoor areas, but their PC cannot handle outdoor areas due to low FPS, or they have entered an areas where there are a lot of 3D anomalies (shadows, water Reflections) so in that case they could press a user defined key such as z or x and that would quickly set it to 2D with that key press, pressing z or x again would put it back to 3D.

    I am currently playing Deus Ex (original) atm and every menu displays half in each eye making it semi-unreadable, I press F,C,R and Z to access the different menus, if vorpx also toggled between 2d/3d with those keypresses that would completely fix that issue making the game significantly more playable.



    Already implemented for the next version. Someone else requested that a few weeks ago for another reason. The way it’s done the hotkey doesn’t change performance, but UI issues etc. can be resolved this way temporarily.

    Not 100% sure yet whether customizable hotkeys will make it into the next release, but that’s definitely on the list too.


    oh right that sounds great, I can work around a single keypress as a temporary solution, I’ll explain below:

    lets assume you have made it so you press B to toggle between geometry 3D and 2D, in that case I have software that makes it so when I press C it sends C and B at the same time, so I can work around a one key press.

    I use that same software to make 2 as middle mouse button, and middle mouse button as M, this way I can edge peek with 2 and still use Middle mouse button which uses M.

    May I ask if we get a changelog when the update arrives which may show what new profiles have been made?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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