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    Hello Ralf,

    Could we have the ability to change the mouse sensitivity to a different value while the Right Mouse Button is held down.

    this would make a HUGE difference to many games, it would actually make some games go from unplayable to fully playable, at least in terms of full on head tracking.

    if I can give an example, A perfect one would be the sniper scope in Far cry 3, it is unusable with headtracking as the sensitivity is just too low, in that case you can have your standard HT sensitivity say 1.0, then you can have an option in vorpx menu HT sensitivity w/RMB and that can be set to anything, lets say 2.0.

    now in this case it is useable, this would also fix resident evil revelations mouse problems and the game would be playable with full headtracking.

    In general a lot of games are kind of broke when it comes to using your head for weapon aiming if the weapons is using any kind of scope, even an assault rifle, its not all games, but many.



    Seems this thread is getting ignored, this is actually a bug for head aim, I will post this hopefully better explanation.

    Bug Report: Sensitivy offset while ADS

    I would like to increase the sensitivity while aiming down sights, think of it like a sensitivity offset, I put this in as a bug as it’s an issue when using your head to aim, basically some weapons in some games have a lower sensitivity when ADS’ing in comparison to aiming from the hip, this works great for a mouse but is horrible for using your head, as when ADS’ing it feels like someone is pushing your head in the other direction when aiming.

    A perfect example of this is homefront, this game has a separate ADS slider, it’s set to 0.8 by default which is perfect for mouse, but for aiming with your head its bad, setting is to 1.0 fixes this, now all weapons are usable with head aiming for ADS.

    however most games do not have this feature built in, so I’m suggestion vireo could add it, so in the code is could be:

    while right mouse button is pressed increase Head tracking sensitivity by 20%,
    the amount can be user defined.


    I get what your saying here and it would be cool to be able to dial it up or down inside vorpx. Although I haven’t had to much of an issue with it. I use a game pad usually so for those instances I can make up for it with just using a joystick to fine tune the aim if need be. I could see some games, depending on how they handle the aiming speeds could make it a real pain if you wanted to rely on head movement(realism) over just navigating with a controller.

    Outside of vorpx:
    You could maybe try setting up a key press that after a certain amount of time of being held(such as to aim) it switches to a faster mouse setting. You might be able to figure out how to do this outside of vorpx with xpadder or joy 2 key maybe. There also might be a way to hotkey some system mouse speeds then you could set up a way so when you aim it also presses the system mouse speed hotkey you set up. Sort of an automatic toggle thing.


    tried looking into that ,can’t see how that could be done, at least with vorpx it actually has its on sensitivity options, so we at least know he has control over it.

    so overall it should be very easy to implement what i suggested into vorpx


    I’m still not quite sure whether I get the issue, but I’ll check Homefront. Trying it myself is probably the best way of understanding it. As always, no promises though.


    Yeah, a feature to apply different settings while a certain key/macro is pressed, example left shift/trigger to allow for higher/lower mouse/look/aim sensitivity adjustments.

    Whereas the ability to look around quickly while playing regularly is fine (high sensitivity), that can be a detriment while trying to fine tune your aim for a snipe shot (low sensitivity). Although the ability to save it on a per game basis would be nice. Left trigger to slow head movements while aiming is nice, to do the same while braking is not. XD


    Thanks Ralf, I’m sure you will understand when you try out homefront, I think all weapons were effected by it, but a handgun may be less of an issue so try it with an assault rifle, honestly aiming down sights with your head is borderline unplayable in many games, just need to increse the sensitivty higher when doing that, note that you can’t just increase the general sensitivity to make ADS feel normal, beacause then when aimnig from the hip it will be too sensitive.

    I realize homefront lets you do that in the in game options, but the idea is that vorpx can do it so that it works for all games

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