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    Hello ralf,

    do you think you could make it so that when you crouch IRL it will send a keystroke to the game while at the same time it won’t affect the camera offset height.

    this will make crouching actually usable in a full standing VR setup.



    Sounds like a neat idea. With the DK2 something like that should be possible.


    that would be great, although you may need to add a setting to decide how far down you need to go before the keypress begins.

    this would only be detectable when in range of the camera though, so for standing VR you would need to wait for CV1’s 360 degree tracking for it to work at all times.

    the most important thing is to make sure the viewpoint doesn’t go down as you move down, since that is merely a camera hack as far as the game is concerned.


    That is a great idea! After you got it set up it would be cool to be able to duck and have it actually duck without you having to think about it.

    Have like a depth setting you can adjust and a way to set the key. Also thinking about what you said about the camera hack. You could have it be the normal free move camera vorpx uses when your standing then when it senses your below the depth setting you set up it presses the key and you’re character squats. Then it resets the vorpx cameras height setting back to 0/re-centered but in the squatting position so it doesn’t end up making you squat and then have the camera be low in game because you squatting in real life. Same with when standing back up.

    That way it might fell more realistic with the way the cameras work. Then again who knows, but definitely a feature worth trying out.


    looks like vireo added the functionality.

    Vireio Perception 2.1.4 Released (3 new games / Duck + Cover Mode suggested by /u/Oculusriftrocks) Changelog in Comments
    by u/baggyg in oculus

    vorpx should get on the case as well, its a great thing for stand up VR people, its almost what they would expect from legacy games, crouching down sends the crouch key press, simply addition but makes a big impact.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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