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    Hello Ralf,

    Could we have the ability to transpose/move the video image from the bottom right of the game screen to the center right of the game screen, at the video feed level?

    So for example, in assassins creed II the mini map would be moved to the correct location so the game can be playable with the rifts full screen.

    I realize you have a scale UI for a select few games, but I think another way to solve the issue would be to simply move the video feed to a closer in area, like an overlay of sorts.

    Sorry if I am not explaining myself very well, let me know if what I am saying is not making any sense.



    Rearranging indivudual HUD elements is theoretically possible in cases where the HUD can be detected, but it would require a whole new HUD rendering subsystem in vorpX and quite some work per game.

    Even if that subsystem existed it’s probably unfeasilble in most cases due to A. the effort required per game and B. (equally important) multiple HUD/menu-screens in most games which are probably impossible to distinguish. This would for example lead to a working ingame HUD, but at the same time messed up menu screens.

    If I find the time, I’ll experiment with the general idea I have for that, but don’t hold your breath for it.


    thank you for your post, but to clarify I am not asking vorpx to detect the HUD intelligently.

    I am saying to ‘blindly’ take an area of the screen coordinates (x, y) and overlay it over another area of the screen (x, y).

    in this case, there would be no intelligence work or smart coding required,

    I have provided a screenshot, maybe this would help.

    View post on imgur.com

    if possible this could sort out the hud for many games without any smart coding work, you could view this as a cheap workaround but it would work effectively.


    I understood that. Without access to the source code of a game this is not trivial in most cases though. To do something like this two things are required:

    1. vorpX needs to know what is a HUD element and what is part of the scene. You and me can see easily what is the HUD and what is not the HUD, but for a driver like vorpX it can be more complicated. There are multiple methods to achieve this in vorpX, but it’s not possible for every game.

    2. If 1. is out of the way, vorpX would need to know which part of the HUD is rendered where. This is even more complex. As stated above, this is theoretically possible in some cases, but nothing that would be required for this currently exists in vorpX.

    If I find the time, I’ll experiment with the idea I have for that, definitely sounds like fun project, but that is all I can promise.


    Thank you for your post,

    I think we are getting a bit mixed up, I will try to make things a bit clearer.

    ‘vorpX needs to know what is a HUD element and what is part of the scene.’

    in my suggestion it would not, what i am saying is, take an area of the bottom right of the screen and move that part of the screen to the center. Whether there is a hud or no hud!

    its like if you are video editing you just move a part of the image, there is no need to look for a part of the hud in code.

    I don’t know if vorpx could do something like that, but surely if you can move the screen around and stretch the image as you can now, you can move part of the image to the center.

    I have provided another picture of a game which has no HUD, if we activate the idea that I am mentioning then it would still move part of the image to the center, because it’s not doing something intelligently, it’s just moving the image.

    View post on imgur.com


    Even in this simple case there would still be the issue of having to distinguish between menu/inventory etc. screens and the main game screen. As much as I would personally like to spend time experimenting with something like that, there are more important things currently.


    okay thank you for your time, I may update this thread at a much later date with better information for your understanding, in my case you would not need to distinguish anything, its simply the ability to move parts of the screen around without thinking about what is at those parts of the screen.

    I will just leave you with one more screenshot to illustrate things better, I mean to copy any part of the screen image then duplicate it over another part of the screen, in this example I am not even moving the hud, just parts of the screen.

    View post on imgur.com


    I was thinking about this and how it might be set up so it could be easily used and customized for each game without it being to over the top. I’m not a programmer but I was thinking on it anyway.

    I’m thinking you could divide the screen into a grid as illustrated on the smash hit RAMBO The Video Game:

    That way you could take the grid overlays coordinates for the areas of the HUD layer you want to move, and reassign them to a new coordinate on the same HUD layer. Sort of like a version of battleship if you will, swapping a blocks location to a new blocks location essentially. It might be easier to handle something like this then on like a per pixel base. Just an idea I had and thought it might help make this doable.

    There is a mod for Skyrim:

    It allows you to move around and resize the HUD elements. Its pretty awesome. I’m not sure how the guy who made it actually does all of it but might be worth checking into.

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