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    Dear Gamers,

    yesterday i found this MOD and i found it worth to post something about it here.

    My Setup:
    FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage Steam Version
    Valve Index – SteamVR
    Zolika1351’s FlatOut UC Trainer (MOD) – https://www.nexusmods.com/flatoutultimatecarnage/mods/2

    The MODs-Name is “Zolika1351’s FlatOut UC Trainer” which is basically a GTA 5 like trainer menu. i thought “Camera rotation with the mouse” would be a good feature for Headtracking in VorpX but as i used this mod i saw that the developer himself added VR Support for this task:
    Version 11.0
    Added .ini options for VR
    Fixed Custom Camera not disabling properly in the VR enabled version
    Made VR Offset consistent across all cars by driver position
    Version 10.0
    Added VR support with head tracking (for displaying the image, use either VorpX, or Reshade with the SuperDepth3D_VR shader and Virtual Desktop)

    (the needed DLLs for VR are in a seperated folder)

    with F7 you could open the mod and the last menupoint is VR. You could position the camera where you want (i prefere cockpit)

    Known Problems i found:
    1. Menu crashes the Game
    The Game is extremly instable if you use the menu. If you use it in the Game menu its better than in a race. Just Tweak your camera the way you wanted and put the Values in the mod ini. Than you can activate VR in the Game Menu and if you dont bring up the Modmenu ever again the game seems not to crash

    2. No geometric 3D witch VorpX
    I thought that VorpX could do real 3D but maybe the Camera-Mod kills that feature. I dont know but ive turned it of because the performance is horrible with it.

    3. Boost effect let you think you jump in hyperspace
    So if you use boost the camera effect is really not as funny as it sounds in vr. but if you change the ingame camera ( c ) there is a “position” without a driver. in this camera the boost effect isnt shown

    4. No HUD
    Didnt find a workaround for it yet

    5. Bad Graphics
    Well the game is from 2008. If you zoom in the textures dont look good at all. Maybe i find a way with Supersampling SteamVR or scale the game to 4k – or maybe there is a texture mod?

    Note: i dont made this mod, i only found it. I cant help you with errors. Thanks to Zolika1351, it was my dream to play this game in VR!

    @VorpX Developers:
    Maybe you could contact the developer and find out what he uses to set the camera. The Freelook might be added in the vorpX injection and than we would need that mod (and maybe the 3d comes back)

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