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    Hello Ralf i tryed to contact you in the Support/Contact page but this page dont work, this is my message:

    i have done something no good, my english is no good so i try to explain you what i have done:

    1- i want to help one guy is this topic:

    2- so i figured how to remove the unwanted shader with the shader tool

    3- i tryed to set the rocket league.exe in the modified copy profile but Vorpx dont let me do this why is already linked to the default profile

    4- so i exported the default profile in a .vps file and with a hex editor changed the name of the associated .exe and reimported it in Vorpx

    5- linked rocketleague.exe to my modified profile

    6- uploaded the profile in the Cloud

    Later i discovered than i must ask for a authoring key so i have uploaded one inusable profile.
    The profile is “Rocket League (no white circle)”
    Im very sorry for my noobish act, Thank You


    No problem, but please NEVER upload profiles changed this way to the cloud. I will remove it from the database. No problem if you do that on your PC, but please don’t upload such a profile to the cloud.

    This is really important. THANKS!

    I still have overrides for official profiles on the nice-to-have-list, but that’s a more complex matter than one might think. A lot of stuff has to be considered in regard to updates, restoring etc. Hopefully there will be some time for this in the not too distant future.

    For now the official way to handle something like this would be to rename the game’s .exe (or better create a copy with a different name) and then create a custom profile for this renamed .exe. Not ideal, but unless a game ceases to work with a renamed .exe, it’s a viable solution.


    1. Make a copy of the game’s .exe (e.g. game.exe > my_game.exe)
    2. Create a copy of the original profile in the config app
    3. Assign my_game.exe to your newly created custom profile
    4. Make the changes with your custom profile
    5. Upload the profile (don’t forget to mention the renaming in the description).



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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