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    I have noticed that in Farming Simulator 19 the performance drop with G3d is more significant compared to some other games. For FS19 its dropping extremely, more then by half.

    Now i could have an idea why actually.

    I think it is in FS19 rendering not twice but actually 3 times. The both eyes and the main screen all separate. Ive noticed that changing cam height, does not apply to the main screen. Its only seen in the headset.

    For Kerbal Space Program, it is behaving differently. Changing cam height is also seen on the main screen. In Kerbal there is also no such dramatic drop in performance. I assume in Kerbin its rendering only two cameras and using one of the eyes for main screen view.

    @Ralf can you bring some light into this? Is it possible that its rendered 3 times in FS19 (giants engine 8)? If so, can we somehow disable the main screen rendering or let it use one of the eye cams?


    you can probably test that if you set vorpx to generic 3d display and see if it runs better on just your monitor

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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