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    I cannot get Geometry working with any Unreal Engine game that has no original vorpx profile.

    1. Medieval Dynasty (UE4)
    2. SCUM (UE4)
    3. Fishing North Atlantic (UE2)

    I have tried to copy almost all existing profiles using UE games list

    Maybe 15-25 profiles for each game, basically all available profiles for particular UE version. Always same result for all of the games above. Z3D always working (with very poor effect, barely noticeable). G3D never works. For some profiles its available, just not working (image is 2d, though performance drops). For some there is no Geometry option at all.

    Any ideas?


    I have a suspicion that you might be assigning the wrong exe to your profiles. Unreal 4 games are sneaky in that the main directory has an exe (Medieval_Dynasty.exe), but the actual exe is buried in the Binaries\Win64 folder (Medieval_Dynasty-Win64-Shipping.exe).

    By default, vorpX will attempt to hook in to any exe that runs. If there is no profile assigned to said exe, vorpX will hook a generic profile with base functionality (no 3D).

    I don’t have SCUM yet, but I want to try the SP in vorpX. it’s an EAC game though (anti cheat blocks vorpX) so I’ve had my doubts about getting it to work. Have you successfully loaded SP into the headset?

    I have been playing Medieval Dynasty recently though, and it works pretty well in vorpX. I added a profile to the cloud if you want to have a go. G3D.

    Medieval Dynasty (G3D)
    for best results:
    – use a 4:3 resolution (I use 1600×1200, game runs heavier than it looks)
    – set FOV slider to max 110 in game
    – AA on highest possible (others not tested)

    To slightly increase FOV and soften the shadows (UE4 G3D shadows are never perfectly matched in both eyes, so blurring them helps) open Engine.ini from C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Local\Medieval_Dynasty\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor… add these lines at the bottom:



    I assigned global illumination to Shadow Treatment in the vorpX menu, so if the moving shadows bother you, you can toggle it OFF to give a permanent overcast look. I actually prefer the look of overcast lighting in this game – feels more medieval.


    Ye, definitely check correct executable, I tested it specifically and it wont hook to correct file if you set it only on a launcher exe.


    I have a suspicion that you might be assigning the wrong exe to your profiles. Unreal 4 games are sneaky in that the main directory has an exe (Medieval_Dynasty.exe), but the actual exe is buried in the Binaries\Win64 folder (Medieval_Dynasty-Win64-Shipping.exe).

    I have figured that out actually im hooking to that file. It hooks in also, there is a vorpx logo on startup in game and also if i change parameters in Z3D mode i see that it has effect.

    But thanks for sharing your g3d profile, gonna check it out now and report how it worked. Btw, what profile did you use as template? I tried through about 15 profiles with no luck.


    yea it works. Ive got g3d in medieval now thanks for sharing.

    two things that confuses me.
    1. Additional fov and camera height breaks the shadows. Puting those parameters to zero fixed most shadow glitches for me. With additional fov it casts some weird looking shadow coverage all over the place when looking down. With additional fov 0 this is not the case.

    2. for some reason headset sync is dropping dramatically and tries to match the fps wich is between 30 and 50. I didn’t see that in other games. Usually headset fps is fixed to whatever i set in steam. When it starts tanking down to below 40 it creates annoying tearing effect.

    Tried to play with headset sync options and disabling/enabling flood sync. Only on headset option “fast” im getting about double headset fps over game fps, its little better but still annoying.

    using valve index.


    Thanks for the Medieval Dynasty (G3D) Unreal profile! It works for other modern Unreal games like Ranch Simulator!


    And it works for Bus Simulator 21 as well!


    Just a main hint. Game engine vorpx wise is not nessecarily like game engine, meaning that a profile for a certain game engine may work or may not work with a game with the same engine.

    A good idea if anything fails while trying “enigne” profiles is to go through “special” on this list. Special profiles are very individual profiles (please make shure you are choosing the right DX9 oder DX11 profile for your game) for various unknown game engines. Sometimes such a profile can be used for “Unreal” , “Unity” etc. as well where other engine specific profiles fail. https://rjkole.com/gamestuff/engines/index.php?selengine=Special

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