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    Hello, it’s been about a year and I wanted to ask if there had been any further discussion about accessing the 3D SBS output at full horizontal resolution, instead of half resolution. I know this is an unofficial feature, but it would be great to get it enabled.

    My original question is here:

    I appreciate any suggestions.
    Thanks, mark




    Helixvision (3DVision + Depth3d) and the Depth3D VR Companion app support this feature, but Ralf don’t like this way to generate good 3D image so i think it will never be supported by vorpx. Sorry !


    Thanks for the honest answer.
    “Ralf don’t like…….”
    pretty much sums it up.


    There will be no additional features for the generic 3d mode. It does everything required to use vorpX in the most common stereo display mode and that’s how far it will be taken.

    I understand that sounds disappointing to you, but vorpX always was about VR and I have plenty of work for the next two years ahead. This has nothing to do with disliking anything, it’s about having to use the available time in a manner that benefits most users in the best possible way.

    BTW: vorpX always renders both eyes at full res, for the SBS output this full size render is then downsampled, making SBS output always 2×1 supersampled. I.e. image quality wise vorpX’s SBS mode is closer to the double wide output you‘d like to have than to normal half width SBS. With some sharpening applied (Clarity option on the image page of the menu) you can come reasonbly close to how it would look if both images were displayed at their original full width.


    I did not know that !

    I tested it in Far Cry 6 and Assassins Creed Valhalla, and in the vorpx desktop viewer with depth3d as 3D-driver the image has aliasing and is not sharp and detailed enough. But the game works stable and i have a decent performance.

    In Reshade’s depth3d companion app with activated super3dmode (fullSBS) the image has a better antialiasing and is sharp and detailed. But the game is unstable and the performance is weak (-10fps).

    That is why i always ask for official vorpx profiles, to have stable profiles with excellent 3D and a decent performance !


    This is why a Z3D authoring tool for dx12 would be great :)


    I see it that way too, but please with a AFR 3D option in the new authoring tool. The extended motion controller support, which is under development by Ralf at the moment, will attract new user to vorpx, and that is very important ! But after that a new vorpx release is really necessary, and hopefully with new profiles and a authoring tool for routinized and experienced profile developer like dellrifter22 !

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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