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    More new profiles and AFR 3D should be the highest priority of the next vorpx release !


    Guys, I perfectly understand that you’d like to play everything on day one, but in general having a bit of patience usually pays off. There are so many games with good profiles that you don’t really miss anything by waiting a bit.

    Throwing random games at vorpX without a good profile isn’t really the best way to experience them. I’m sure for a game like this either I or an experienced profile creator will see what they can do.

    Will you have a profile by the next update?


    from my experience, just play the game in Z3D with that paradisedecay profile, and use the fov mod from flawless widescreen software.

    if you wait for G3D profile maybe you’ll have it but performance will be no good and there may be others issues.

    for third person game, Z3D is Great, do not underestimate this.

    i know for sure that i’m having ton of fun now playing the game in Z3D everything on ultra/ultra+ at 1440p, looks gorgeous, play great !


    I’ll wait a bit longer to see if Ralf replies. What kind of FPS are you getting and are there any notable artifacts?


    i didnt look at my fps but seems smooth.
    Z3D has “ghost” artifact around things the closest to the camera, the higher you put Z3D strength the stronger this glitch appears. i play at 1.60 and it’s not that bad.

    i play maxed but my setup is 5900x, rtx 3090, 32gb ddr4 3600.


    new issue started today, game was working great yesterday but when i try to play the game with vorpx my gpu usage drops from 90% to 10’ish, making game totally unplayable, even stuck on menu screen slideshow style…., it works great without vorpx.

    i changed nothing in my config except i installed this morning new nvidia drivers, i thought those were the culprit but even when uninstalling them with DDU and switching back to my old drivers i still have the issue…

    i’m at lost here.

    anyone else having issue ?


    i fixed my issue by disable gsync in nvidia control panel.


    There is a g3d profile of the congruence that looks amazing!! which I also prefer to Z3D on VorpX…especially in photo mode too for screenshots on still images in action scenes…

    But unfortunately no headtracking…
    Vorpx has the advantage again.



    I tested the paradisedecay profile and found it disappointing. Only with ZNormal I see a little bit 3D, but by far not what I am expecting.
    Then I installed above helix mod which brings the game side-by-side (SBS) on my monitor.
    With the Vorpx Desktop viewer I can set the input to stereo SBS and now(!) I have real G3D with very good and clear depth. I just had to:
    * edit the d3dxdm.ini (comming with the mod) to drastically lower dm_separation.
    It comes as 100 but should be max 50 in my opinion.
    * Disable the VorpX watcher (using task bar)
    Otherwise as it would try to connect to the game, gives an error breaking the desktop viewer

    Note that you need much more GPU power in G3D, but this is always the case.


    It’s really disappointing that we have to reach out to 3rd party software to get popular games like God Of War working in stereo3D.

    At least Virtual Desktop now has a virtual monitor and can play Depth3D output judder-free and up to 4k. You could try that method as well.

    I’m aware that the new VorpX version has a virtual monitor driver too, but it breaks Z3D compatibility with The Witcher 3 classic version (1.31).

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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