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    I’ve been working on this for close to 5 hours now. I tried to get Vorpx to work with RE7 in Steam and it just hangs, takes forever. Ends up bringing up the box that asks if you want a hook helper, do nothing, quit program, etc.

    Let me make one thing extremely clear. Bringing up Task Manager I have ZERO background apps running. ONLY mandatory systems. I even shut down my ICU software and my GHub software just to be safe.

    I’ve tried hook helpers, running in admin mode, etc. Nothing works. I’ve uninstalled, rebooted and tried everything I know to do and Vorpx just won’t hook. That was about 2 hours of my time.

    Then I tried to go on over to the Epic Store and try my hand at Metro Exodus. Again, over an hour of NOT hooking.

    I have the Quest (Meta) program running (mandatory for Quest 3) and besides Steam or Epic nothing else. No Local or Cloud profiles work. I don’t get it. I’m not dumb. I’ve been building and maintaining personal computers for 30 years. Vorpx just will NOT work on my system.

    System build is: Asus ROG STRIX Z590-E Gaming mobo
    Intel Core i9-10900K
    32GB G.Skill Ripjaw DDR4
    Geforce RTX 3080
    Logitech G910 Lightsync RGB gaming keyboard
    Logitech G502 mouse
    Logitech Z5500 550W 5.1 surround
    Thermaltake View 91 Super Tower
    Corsair H150i Elite Cooler
    Corsair 950W Silent Runner PSU

    Any help would be appreciated as of right now I’m feeling I just dropped $40 USD on something that won’t work. I’m getting ready to try my hand at Metro 2033 to see if that will work but I’m not holding my breath at this point. Thank you.


    Wanted to add an edit but unable I guess? Anyway, I got RE7 to work by going into the Beta Branch and using the “older” DX11 branch instead of the newer DX12 one that auto-installs. I should have clarified the DX version. Also, I was using the DX12 “Enhanced” version of Metro Exodus. I also deleted that and installed the older DX11 version. That STILL would not work on the Epic Store. Just wouldn’t hook at all. Maybe there’s been an update to the Epic store or the game? Unsure. Just wouldn’t hook for me. On a solid note, getting RE7 DX11 version to work was interesting. I’ll be honest, I tried a VR MOD earlier in the week before getting Vorpx and I think the MOD actually worked better, included my actual arms and whatnot. Lighting was a little wonky but seemed to perform better for me.

    I haven’t been wowed by Vorpx yet. I’ll obviously try a bunch more games and see what I can get to happen with the Q3. I know no game that is non-vr will probably be perfect but after watching so many videos on different games I was expecting a much better experience out of the gate. I will say the Q3 is fantastic for VR made games though. NMS is awesome as is the standard Lone Echo, Into the Radius, etc.


    I have a Reverb G2 and I find VorpX is the best VR app I used. VorpX Beta is even better. Most game are good (UE4 engine based games are easy to configure). A lot of games are perfect or almost perfect (considering I prefer to play with keyboard/mouse).

    Recent games are not always the best because there is not always profiles, especially for DX12, and you need a really good machine to use AAA games in full VR (4-5k 3D VR raytracing without DLSS). A lot of non VR old games are stunning in VR, better than recent VR game. Full VR is perfect only if the original game allow you to set a 4:3 resolution and a wide FOV (110-120). Most games allow it by tweaking files.

    You can always launch a game without profile, or with Desktop Viewer (or virtual monitor if you want a higher resolution than your physical monitor). You won’t have 3D but for some games it doesn’t matter.

    I recently tried the Quest 3. I think it’s almost like an Iphone, you can’t use it like you want. Link to PC isn’t reliable. SteamVR is blurry, Steam Apps are unstable on high resolutions, and I didn’t manage to use VorpX yet. I’m disappointed by this headset, because of his software, and because of the cable. I think it’s not the best headset to play real good AAA games. It’s a toy. But I wanted something resistant to play during vacations so I’ll try to make it work.
    It’s an impressive toy anyway, but with stupid design.

    VorpX is easy to use and powerful, but it’s a generic tool, designed to adapt to any game. It doesn’t reprogram the base game like a mod would.


    Ralph said me metro works fine in G3D with base version without DX12. I’ll try later. If you have Enhanced edition, you can duplicate the Exe, rename it (for exemple Metro DX12) and play the game without profile.
    The profile “Enhanced Edition” launch the game, but with no 3D for me :(
    Some people say it worked for them.

    It’s still very impressive in full VR without 3D with very high resolution (4.5k), raytracing and no DLSS (75-80 FPS at the Volga with RTX 4090). You HAVE TO RAISE FOV by editing ini files and I’m not sure 4:3 is available for this game (it didn’t work for me but given there is no real HUD it doesn’t matter a lot, except for performance).

    Edit about Quest 3 : I managed to launch VorpX (Death Stranding and Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition). I had to use both Wifi and Airlink (and I don’t want to). I’ll retry with the cable. Maybe I should buy a non official cable. I suppose a good cable is really needed to get a beautiful image. I read G2 is still better than Quest 3 anyway.


    I managed to use official cable to play Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition DX12 (with Raytracing ultra, no DLSS and around 2300p 16:9 resolution) on quest 3.

    I retried the same thing with the Reverb G2 too.

    There is no comparison : Quest 3 image is awful compared to Reverb G2 (despite the fact G2 has lower resolution and need less GPU power). The game looks awesome on Reverb !

    I think in theory, Quest 3 screen is probably better, but only to display GUI or other procedural things.

    To display actual gameplay, it’s blurry and inaccurate (I suppose because of the cable bandwidth). Don’t know if it can be upgraded by another cable. I suppose USB-C can’t reach the Display Port + USB-C + power supply of the G2 cable (it demonstrate why the big, fragile and expansive cable of the G2 is necessary).

    It seems battery could also be an issue to play during long sessions (cable power supply isn’t enough too).

    Anyway, Quest 3 strap is bad (even the elite one). I would like to try the BoboVR one (i use a tweaked M2 BoboVR strap on my Reverb and it’s great).


    I can confirm Metro Exodus Gold (Enhanced) Edition works very well (on Beta).

    You have two options :
    Set the game on DX11 in graphics options before launching it with VorpX. You’ll have Geometry 3D and it’s really good (I had yo play with resolution anyway, and I prefer to disable Direct VR and set things myself). This way you can have 4:3 resolution with virtual monitor. It’s more blurry than the second option, and it ask more GPU. You can dezoom to have sharper image (it affects the way you see your weapon). It’s important to set your main eye to aim with G3D. You could have to play with FOV and I had to change headset rotation sensitivity.
    I get around 30 FPS at the Volga on RTX 4090. It’s smooth and pefectly playable.

    Another option, if you want Raytracing and perfect quality image (impossible with the blurry Quest 3 compression sorry), is to set DX12 and RTX in game, launch Metro Exodus with a renamed executable (you have to attach it to enhanced metro exodus unofficial profile or to nothing I guess). Dezoom and set FX to full and adjust sharpness and gamma. You’ll have to set FOV with ini files and high resolution. It’s really impressive, but there is no 3D this way for me. I don’t know which one I prefer.
    I get 75-80 FPS at the Volga on RTX 4090.
    It’s perfect on Reverb, but still meh on Quest 3, even when tweaking bitrate to 500 and resolution to x1.5 (besides, Quest 3 ask a lot more GPU to have a less good result, with bad colors and details).

    Note sure at all we can have perfect G3D full resolution with raytracing on current graphic cards.

    There are easier games to try for your first try anyway, especially if you don’t have a really good PC.


    I use only vorpx no beta. Are too ustable and ralf never support us with this. Use only regular version if you have a problem.
    Exodus run with dx11 on vorpx. If you want enchanted version must use a cyberpunk2077 profile.


    I bought my VR headset because of the possibility to play a lot of games with vorpx in VR. Sadly not one worked until now with my Quest 3.
    I tried Satisfactory, Portal 2, Quake Champions

    Is there any possibility that I can use my Quest 3 for those games? Sadly this is very demotivating.
    The PC is completely new, no software that can distract vorpx.


    Only Portal 2 is supported of these three. That should work without any hassle though. if your new PC has Windows 11, make sure to use the vorpX beta from the link below. There is a severe petformance issue with DirectX 9 games like Portal 2 on Windows 11 with the regular vorpX build.

    Even if your PC is brand new, please double and triple check for any tools in the background that may hook into games. Some bigger PC vendors preinstall bloatware that may interfere. Also remove any potentially preinstalled invasive third party antivirus. Use the built in Windows Defender instead. Defender kicks in automatically when you remove third party AV.

    For the vorpX beta check this thread:

    vorpX 23.1.0 BETA

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