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    A dedicated thread just for headtracking.

    I’ll start. How do you get headtracking to work? :D
    I’ve tried a couple of games that I used with opentrack before but it doesn’t automatically work and I cant figure out how to start it up. I have HT enabled in vorpX menu


    Bit of a bump..Should headtracking just work out the box?
    If I launch DiRT 2 for example should headtracking work without me doing anything else?

    Aled B

    Should headtracking just work out the box?

    Apparently so, but on the rare occasion that a game has loaded successfully for me (Portal, Dear Esther, L4D2) I’ve not had any head tracking despite what the configuration tool and the in game menu tell me.


    We’ll work it out mate :)
    I’ve got the evening free just to mess around so I’m confident there are simple answers to some of the hiccups.
    I guess a lot of it may have to do with other things running in the background or maybe even what we’ve had running before.

    Maybe old opentrack files cause a problem for headtracking?

    Aled B

    Hope so, although it would seem we’re on our own!

    I’ve never installed opentrack and I’ve never encountered any previous problems with the Rift, so I’m at a loss.


    It’s just early days..infact it’s not even 24hrs old ;)

    The opentrack remark was more for Ralf as I used it a lot with the rift so maybe there’s a dll conflict. I remember WarThunder headtracking wouldn’t work if you had Opentrack in the same folder.

    The first thing I’ll do tonight is start from scratch


    I’ve tried Fallout, Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite and all have head tracking working out of the box without any tweaking from my end.


    Headtracking worked for me in Skyrim and Lost Planet 3 (yup, works fine) but not in Dragon Age Origins — although on the settings panel it showed the option as “on”.


    Headtracking is the biggest issue for me at the moment. I must admit I’m a bit gutted as I only wanted this for racers and not been able to get anything working yet :( I can get rF2 running but no headtracking. The mouse moves with the head movement in menus but not sure why I cant get HT in-game. I’ve deleted Opentrack completely.


    I finally started getting some results after messing with some of the menus.
    I think one issue with vorpX is actually the lack of a manual. I’m still confused as to what the various headtracking options actually mean especially when it comes to the controller headtracking options :s


    Hi Steve,

    Yes, documentation is an issue, on the other hand 95% of people wouldn’t read it anyway…, plus the gamepad stuff is quite unintuitive atm.

    For headtracking to work in racing titles that do not have mouselook but allow you to look around with an analog stick, make sure that the gamepad emulation is set to the follwing options:

    Handle Gamepads Internally = Off
    Headtracking as Gamepad = Relative or Absolute depending on the game, you should get a grasp of what’s better quickly.
    The options below this should be more or less self explanatory except maybe Deadzone Correction, which effectively eliminates analog stick deadzones set by the game.

    If this is done your headtracker is now a gamepad axis. The final step is to go to the game’s input options and map look left/right/up/down to the ‘Rift-Gamepad-Axis’, exactly as you would do with any other gamepad axis.

    Now you are able to look around in your cockpit. The view has to be centered from time to time because of possible yaw drift (should be greatly reduced with a calibrated magnetometer). There is a shortcut for centering.

    Please note that this will never be as good as mouselook-headtracking, since games do all kinds of filtering to gamepad axis movement, plus deadzones + non-linear ramps, and so on. Usually there is no way to get super responsive, perfect headtracking this way, but it’s always better than no headtracking at all.

    Some Codemasters titles should be more or less ready to go with the Rift as axis 0, but unfortunatly clip the movement in cockpit views beyond -/+45° or so. Works still quite nice. All you have to do is the setup in the game options.

    Hope this helps.


    BTW: There is also a Gamepad to Mouse/Keyboard Emulation available that allows you to play any game with a gamepad, if you like. To enable that, set ‘Handle Gamepads internally’ to ‘On’. This also allows for example to play Skyrim with gamepad and head tracking wich is otherwise not possible.


    Thanks mate, I’ll digest this later.


    Couldn’t keep it brief. Sorry.


    I have the same problem but i cant get head tracking back on in game play at all, it works in UI but wont turn back on in gameplay even when i switch the controller option back. Anyone know a fix for this?


    That seems to not work in some mid-level games, surely that wouldn’t as well in some simple games like those flash games, isn’t it?

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