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    So many small questions that I am to dumb to figure out alone. I’ve been and will continue trying to google, and read through these forum topics. But the main difficulty is that many of the other help with type stuff deals with steps farther than where I am. Even the video on the page starts out with hey look this is the open gesture menu!

    So firstly I would like confirmation on what all I actually need.

    Do I need only the purchased Vorpx?
    Do I need the beta Vorpx (even though the edition is now older?
    Do I need the Cyberpunk Mod to use gestures with other games?
    -Follow up Do I need to own Cyberpunk in order to run Gestures at all?

    Do I need to own Virtual Desktop?
    Do I need to use a cable, or can Airlink Suffice?
    Do I need to run the general option in Vorpx as Quest2 or Do I use SteamVR
    –Some Videos of watched seemed to imply Setting to steam vr even if using quest 2 was important

    If I need the beta, Do I install the better over the Regular Vorpx?
    Do I install beta then overlay Vorpx?
    Do I only have the Beta installed?
    Continue logic for if I need Cyberpunk Mod.

    Actually Running
    The videos seem to imply using steam VR. However I haven’t gotten any version of Vorpx to work like that so far. As I’ve been making semi random shot in the dark attempts to get this going with some combinations of the above questions implemented.
    The only way I’ve currently gotten anything to work with Vorpx So far is by Opening meta, Airlinking in headset, then Opening Vorpx; then said game. Currently testing Battlefront2 2017edition.
    But obviously I have no Gestures in the options menu.
    And going through Steam Vr first I haven’t gotten Anything to actually hook correctly.

    Also with some setups using the Beta mainly, I would have an issue where I could open the Vorpx Configure Menu, and after clicking apply and close, the icon would be visible in the system tray area. BUT then it would simply disappear when hovered over. Seemingly implying it didn’t actually start running.


    You need the beta for gesture support. Most profiles don’t have gestures configured yet, but that’s fairly simple. The brief video in the post linked below should get you started:

    vorpX 23.1.0 BETA


    Ok is there a trick to getting Beta running?
    Do I just Instal Beta Over the regular Vorpx? Or do i uninstal the regular Vorpx first?

    I mainly ask becuase when I’ve been attempting to get beta to work so far, it isn’t working at all.
    I can bring up the configure menu, but after hitting Apply & Close, or opening start vorpx the icon goes to the system tray area. But will not stay there, it just disappears when hovered hover, and doesn’t appear to try to hook into anything.


    Sounds like an antivirus issue. If you happen to use any other AV than Windows Defender, exclude the vorpX program folder or – better – get rid of it altogether. There isn’t really any need for invasive third party AV since Defender got good enough almost a decade ago.

    To be on the safe side you can also exclude the vorpX program folder in the Defender settings, occasionally it also produces false positives after an update. Shouldn’t be the case currently though.


    OMG I LOVE YOU it worked. I’m actually very sorry, to be honest I didn’t think any of my windows defender was still on in any way, but I added the folder and all its exes to the exemotion list just to see, and sure enough that did it!

    Seriously though I love this!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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