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    – A Keyboard/Mouse?
    – A gamepad controller (like Xbox)
    – using VR Motion Controllers.

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


    Delete Key on keyboard.

    I think it’s clicking in one or both the sticks on gamepad, but I could be wrong.


    With Keyboard/Mouse it is as dellrifter22 said, Del key.
    With a Gamepad contrtoller, Left stick click is Vorpx Menu and Right stick click is Edge Peek.
    Using VR Motion controllers, Right grip is Edge Peek, Hold Left grip then click Right grip for Vorpx Menu.

    *Note – I’m using Vive wand motion controllers, so may be different for other motion controllers.


    On a sidenote: In the upcoming 23.1.0 release there happens to be an info board with the most important keyboard/gamepad/controller shortcuts when you look to the left in the new start environment. Beta download here: click.


    Thank you all very much for your help. I’m definitely cut-n-pasting this so I don’t forget.


    Ralf, is it possible to change the hotkey for the vorpX menu when playing with a gamepad? I can’t remember exactly what game it was (i think it was Watch_Dogs), where stick-press was by default set to “reload weapon”. But when vorpX took over, stick-press was changed to “vorpX menu”, and for “reload weapon” i had to stick-press-and-hold, which is not practical for fast reloads in stressful situations.

    I would make much more sense to me to keep stick-press to the default game binding, and have vorpX open on stick-press-and-hold, because the latter is done when you are not in a hurry.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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