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    Hello. Im trying to get VorpX set up with a BenQ x3000i. I have it outputting the SBS image on my projector, how do I combine these into one single image that will work with my shutter glasses? I’m testing it with Rocket League first.

    Or does it rely on the TV/projector to do that? As I don’t think the BenQ does this.


    you can try reading this post, maybe some useful hints there


    Hi, I just read conflicting answers on the amazon store page for your projector, in one answer from BenQ support it says it is 3d compatible and also a few users say it is too, but the last post that I read says that it didn’t, and when they looked it up, they were told that they would have to send it back to BenQ to have them enable the 3d feature. So, I don’t know, if you can’t find any 3d options in the settings you may be out of luck, I have an epson 4k 3d projector which works great with Vorpx but only does 3d at 1080p, won’t work at 4k that’s something to note, hope you get it working… obviously you will need the 3d shutter glasses too.


    BenQ’s product-page (on their own site) doesn’t list it in the specs, but does mention it in the FAQ:
    The current firmware version only supports 3D Frame Sequential (PC) and Frame Packing (Blu-ray), the side by side 3D and Top & Bottom 3D are not supported yet.

    The display unit/monitor has to support side-by-side, which is the generally the oldest supported type, but nowadays the most common-supported type is the 3D Frame Sequential type, which basically each sent frame switches between the R and L eye/projector.

    The framepacking method would be closest, as that generally is Left and Right (respectively) stacked on top of one another, with a few added pixels of blackspace. other then that it is simply two fullsize images on top of one another.

    I’m not sure if VorpX already has a top-bottom 3d output, maybe that could be adjusted/adopted in order to get (even if somewhat finnicky) framepacking support :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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