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    Hey all,

    I’ve tweaked a couple of profiles to work on a normal 3D TV (mine is a passive 3D LG TV).

    I’ve noted a few of you asking and I’m really impressed with the results I’m getting. To use these profiles you have to select the Generic VR headset (Desktop Version). Make sure you set a standard widescreen resolution. I used 3840 x 2160 but 1920 x 1080 or 2540 x 1400 should also be fine.

    If you want to try them out look for my profile name “Grocs” under cloud profiles. The three I’ve set up and tested so far are for:

    The Witcher 3
    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010)
    Alien Colonial Marines

    I’ll continue to add more because I love playing some of the older games in 4K 3D without much quality loss.

    Expect a blog post soon as well – so you are aware of the tricks in optimising correctly.

    I’d appreciate feedback to see if it works well for other 3D setups, like monitors and 3D vision by Nvidia (which as most of you know stopped driver support back in April).

    Any questions – let me know!




    Have done final tweaks for this. Works great. Only slight issue (and it is very slight) is that you see the watermark in the bottom corners of the screen. Not very noticeable when playing, but it is there.

    I’ll continue to add custom profiles for this. For non Vorpx local profiles it will have “- 3D TV” at the end of it.

    For Vorpx supported profiles – you’ll need to check the comments.


    Hi, I’m really interested in this.
    Right now, I have two 3D Passive LG TVs (additional monitor and HMD) in this same room, to test any of the profiles, one of the two TVs is FullHD and the other 4k, both are passive 3D, and include 3D sbs and up/down among other types.

    I just tried The Witcher 3 using Generic and selecting show in LG-TV in Vorpx Config-General tab, and they work perfectly.
    I even believe and I would very much like this to become a new functionality for Vorpx, adding the corresponding tab. It is really fantastic to have this additional option.

    The only annoying hit that I really need to solve, is that the games appear with the black layer around, believing that it is an HMD, but if we could eliminate this layer it would be fantastic and fully functional for me.

    3D feels great on my 3D passive TV, selecting 3D sbs.


    I’m testing just out of curiosity other games on the random compatibility list, and my God, this is great.

    I just need to be able to get rid of the typical shader effect barrel and black layer, around the Vorpx logo, because it is not necessary for traditional screens. For the rest, this is too good!

    Please Ralf, if you read this, I beg you … try to unlock a new “generic” tab for this use with screens, I think it’s possible as a basic release without too much time around.
    I just tried some games, and it works perfectly except for what has been said before.

    There are some video games that require a lot of interface use, such as TESO, including World Of Warcraft among others, that I would like to be able to play on my 3D TV in this way.

    PD: Even Vorpx internal menu is available as always, with the predefined key, which allows you to control 3D force among other options.

    I think it deserves too much of a little time effort to release this.


    Thanks for the feedback grumdark. I’m glad it isn’t just me enjoying this as much as I am :)

    Agree with your additional feedback completely.

    Ralf replied to another thread around the injection watermark on the monitor / tv.

    Apparently you can turn it off using this method –

    “That said, there is an ini option that should do the trick. Go to C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX and open vorpX.ini with a text editor. In the [GUI] section set bShowWatermark to False.

    The C:\ProgramData folder is hidden per default by Windows. If you can’t see it, enable ‘Show hidden files’ in the Explorer options.”


    Perfect, deactivated successfully.

    In this case, you just have to get rid of the black mask around in the game image.
    This black layer loses a percentage of the size of the total image, otherwise perfect.

    Can it be deactivated with a parameter similar to the logo?


    Hi, can confirm that this method works. I have a Toshiba Tv with active shutter glasses. Only big drawback is the exe problem with the local profiles, must use the cloud for this then… A checkbox for the Vorpx screen logo would be nice too.
    Thanks for working on this.
    Btw seems to be a good method to figure out your IPD mine seems to be 63.5 mm then the ghosting dissapears.


    Hey moadepth,

    To remove the injection logo follow these steps –

    “That said, there is an ini option that should do the trick. Go to C:\ProgramData\Animation Labs\vorpX and open vorpX.ini with a text editor. In the [GUI] section set bShowWatermark to False.

    The C:\ProgramData folder is hidden per default by Windows. If you can’t see it, enable ‘Show hidden files’ in the Explorer options.”

    You can save your custom profiles as a file once you’ve tweaked them as 3D. That’s what I’ve done so I can restore quickly. You can also add custom profiles to the cloud as well.

    Thanks for confirming!


    Thank you! This is very interesting. I have finally gotten an actual VR HMD, but have played games using traditional stereoscopic tools for almost 10 years now (TriDef mostly). Now TriDef is gone and Nvidia is officially dropping all support for 3D from their drivers as well. That leaves only SuperDepth3D (BTW, this has become quite good. It’s got artifacts of course, since it is geometry 3D, but it’s really quite acceptable and has essentially zero performance impact – there is also a VR module for that project). It’s really nice to see this, as there are games I might play in a group-setting on a 3D DLP with multiple-persons using 3D glasses. Obviously can’t do that with a VR headset.

    I’ve posted a few times about vorpX adding support for traditional 3D displays. It would open up the product for a LOT of users.


    Isnt Superdepth3D Z3D only ?



    Yes, it builds the 3D scene using the in-game depth-maps, similar to TriDef “Power 3D” etc. So it does create the same types of halos/distortion as all other similar 3D methods. But, it’s really pretty darn good overall, with a lot of settings and can provide pretty darn good results in many cases. The lack of a performance hit is also great (running FO4 (even with uGrids set to 7), the Witcher 3, MEA, etc. at 2560×1440 on any reasonably modern card is easy, for example.)


    I have a feeling I’ll be using this quite bit in the future. I’ll give it a whirl with the Witcher 3 when I get time. Even with the Pimax 5K + HMD I now have, my old 1080p Sony Playstation 3D display in Above/Below mode is still much sharper, and hopefully I’ll be building another 3D home-theater soon using a 3D 1080p projector (historically I did my stereoscopic gaming on a 720p 3D projector using frame-packing mode, so very sharp and I only needed to drive games at 720p to be able to play them without at native resolution without any scaling – I put a lot of thought into that setup and it worked very well). Considering that so many games I enjoy really won’t translate well anyway to VR, it will be nice to continue to have the option to use my traditional displays.


    I think I’ve posted this elsewhere – but handy for those new to Vorpx:



    Thanks for that link. I’m going to try the Witcher 3 profile as soon as I get time. Which (unfortunately) might be weeks away, but I’ll get to it eventually.

    Gotta try it with FO4 too at some point.

    Probably no way to get that to work Top and Bottom mode, is there? For some reason my display looks much better in Top and Bottom mode instead of Side by Side.


    Grocs where are your profiles? I bought this program based on your post, hoping to play on a 3d projector, now I’m having a hard time optimizing it. Cinema mode is good but not full screen. I looked for your profiles on the cloud and there not showing up. I tried to click on your tutorial link, and that’s down to. Any help would be good on how to optimize this for 3D Tv viewing. It seems like it would be so simple yet there is no profile for it, what a shame.

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