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    Oy of Mid-World

    Hello there,

    as a new user, I’m very impressed with the feaures of the software so far. However I have not been able to figure out how to rebind the edge peek button. I found a post, roughly a year old, stating that it would be in one of the next updates. Am I missing something?

    Having to rebind the middle mouse button in my gaming profiles is really annoying, especially as I use the edge peek not very often, and would really like to rebind it to a less important key.

    Any insight, anyone?


    I found a post, roughly a year old, stating that it would be in one of the next updates.

    Well, Updates on this thing are painfully slow and with little documentation; so it might be that it IS being added in “one of the next updates”.

    Unfortunately I don’t have proper advice for you on how to rebind it within VorpX, although there ARE rebinding options when you press DEL and go to the section with the Hotkeys.

    I haven’t touched VorpX since I’m waiting for an update (atm this thing doesn’t work for the stuff I really wanted to use it for (arma 3)), but I believe there was an option to rebind certain keys internally.

    Be careful though (and experiment after applying settings), as the bindings, as many other things, are bugged. In this particular case, certain Keys in the binding are SWAPPED, so you’re in for a surprise :p

    Oy of Mid-World

    Thnaks for the reply. I found out that swapping buttons via the freeware Autohotkey is very easy. So far it has been working in all games I tried. Due to the nature of Autohotkey however, this is not guaranteed. So it would be wise to add the functionality to VorpX quickly.


    yes,I love using middle mouse button in all my games, its practically the xbox controller equivalent of the ‘A’ button for me, so loosing that button while using vorpx is kind of annoying.

    It’s great software, but this issue along with not being able to zoom out enough for cutscenes are the only things that i consider to be problems.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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