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    You don’t have to use this actively. It is active automatically in any game that has HUD shaders defined.


    hmm, I would be glad to use this function for better profiles but it just dosent seem to work for me. Is it in theory possible that this doesnt only work on WIN7 ? If you like, name a few games, so i can see if its me or WIn7 doing the bad job. I am currently using

    I crosschecked this so far with the Spellforce 2 Series and Titan Quest Anniversary (DX11). The DX11 profile is not in the cloud yet though. I could quickly send it to you (its not finished yet) if you wish.


    You can be sure that it always does what it is supposed to do. Maybe I didn’t explain well enough what it does so that you imagine it to be more than it actually is.

    This just addresses a small annoyance, you don’t have to care about in any way. The only reason I posted about it was that it took way too long to implement. You probably wouldn’t even have noticed that there was something to fix in the first place without this post.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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