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    It’s certainly not a plug and play product, strictly speak, but it does its job very well. I’ve found some games hook nicely on launch, other games you have to create a vorpx shortcut for, while other games will crash if you use a vorpx shortcut (ME1).

    I’ve also found that I may have to dig into ini files to get the settings to an acceptable point, I posted my ME1 settings in the games forum. UE3, at least, allows the game dev’s to set a maximum frame rate. Check for that if your favorite game won’t go over 60ish FPS.

    I’ve played Dear Esther and the Stanley Parable through in the last couple of days, and those hooked in quite nicely once I setup a vorpx shortcut. The rendering was smooth, and the experience was quite pleasant.

    ME1 took some ini editing to get it to a comfortable point, and I think I still have a little more editing to do. Vorpx gives a very comfortable experience for that game.

    Ralf (and crew?) has done a wonderful job of breathing new life into older games. I highly recommend this if you have a Rift. But understand, this is beta software, developed for a developer version of Oculus hardware…there will be some trial and error and you may have to dig into the guts of the game configuration to get it just right. And there will be bugs, in the wonderful world of Windows we have gamers running cards from at least the last five GPU generations on both sides of the house. While I’m having a grand time with an i7 950 and a GTX 770…your mileage may vary. Oh, and if you can disable UAC…it’ll save some security setting headaches.


    I completely agree with this, I have rediscovered lots of old games thanks to Vorpx, it takes some tweaking but these are games never meant to be played in VR so that’s normal, so i’m really grateful for Vorpx. Native VR demos are cool but last so much and full games are almost non-existant, if it wasn’t for Vorpx my DK2 would probably be getting dust somewhere.

    I can’t wait for the next update to add some more games and that we may finally get a list of compatible games with what kind of compatibility (z3d, geometry) it has, it’s surprising how much effort goes into making games compatible but the lack of info on supported games.


    I too am very happy with the product, I got many games to work tnat are even not on the supported list.

    the two main things vorpx needs to work on in game compatibility are.

    1:3D FOV adjustment working with no clipping and goes to up to 1.8
    2: geometry 3D support

    those two are important as we are bound by the games own ability to increase the FOV to high values, so really all games could work in theory.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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